Some testimonials that I’ve received over the years. If you’d like to add yours, shoot me an e-mail: info@wrestler4hire.com


“Cameron is the total package. Champ possesses encyclopedic knowledge of wrestling holds and combines this with great physical strength and quickness. He is the embodiment of the superior lightweight wrestler. His physique is near perfection, as his abdominals are concrete, his legs are pythons and his arms vices. His pectoral muscles are quite impressive. Cameron exudes sensuality in the ring as he is attractive in almost any wrestling gear. His chatter directed at opponents is titillating because his voice has the quality of soft masculinity which is very arousing.

Cameron has a keen intellect that I attribute to his internal devotion to his work. He is thoughtful, attentive to detail, well-prepared and __________ intelligent.

The Champ displays a confidence in his matches that is reassuring, but not narcissistic. Cameron is a polite, quite handsome, gracious young man who will succeed in his profession.” John, Boston, MA

“Cameron is the most talented multifaceted individuals you will ever meet. Out of the arena he is a polite, bashful but totally well mannered young man who is great at holding up his end of a conversation and a pleasure to get to know. In the arena he is out spoken, brash and a fantastic actor with a models face and body to match. Cameron is one individual you can not afford to not get to know and watch!” Larry, St. Louis, MO

“Cameron and I have wrestled over ten matches in various wrestling rings – he is the greatest wrestler I have ever taken on, and I’ve been wrestling since high school. His amazing energy, incredible skill, and ripped muscular body make every match exciting and creative. I never cease to be amazed at how great a wrestler he is. When we hang out after a match, Cameron is a normal, nice guy and very friendly – we have had many long conversations. I feel like outside the ring we are good buddies at this point – but when he wrestles he knows how to turn on that energy for a SUPER fun time.” B.P., 56, from Newport Beach, CA

“Cameron is great to wrestle with. He is super knowledgeable on every hold and move. He can handle all skill levels and adjust to whatever a person wants. Just a great guy to know too!” T.S., 40, from Chicago, IL

“Wrestling Cameron is exhilarating! It’s an opportunity to see what it’s really like to take on a pro with his skills, speed, and strength. Cameron’s experience is evident from the first moment of a match, the wrestling is as natural for him as breathing. It’s every guys chance to live a fantasy. Any reservations I had were erased the moment I met him. He quickly creates a bond that makes him feel like a longtime friend. Beware though – it’s addictive!” Mark, Saugus, MA

“Here ya go, Champ! You can use my name as I am proud to be associated with you but I won’t be insulted if you just use initials. Hope that this isn’t wordy! Whether wrestling pro or private, Cameron always brings that smile of his and an unfailing attitude to make wrestling fun. Cameron shows great integrity and reliability when it comes to making his wrestling commitments. An internationally known pro wrestler, he can still step things down and demonstrate holds for even the most novice of wrestlers.” Denis R., 60, Washington, DC

“Cameron is worth every penny. He puts you at ease and can easily move from heel to jobber (and back again) during a pro vs. joe match. Easy to talk to, enjoyable as hell to wrestle and very polite and professional. You won’t be disappointed.” Paul, CT

“Have had the privilege of knowing for nearly a decade. In that time, he and I have met and had many memorable matches. Cameron has broadened my knowledge of wrestling by instructing me in many aspects of the sport. He is respectful of limits, conscious of safety and professional in his manner. Cameron is a man who shares his love of wrestling graciously and though he possesses great pro techniques, he always adapts to suit the situation. I highly recommend Cameron to anyone interested in learning about pro wrestling and needing someone trustworthy.” C.C., West Virginia

“I was fortunate enough to meet Cameron in Chicago. He truly is the King. Not only is he a skilled wrestler, but he’s very intuitive about what I was looking for and gave it his all. He is priced fairly for his skill, reputation and demeanor. A great person, a skilled wrestler, and, if he’ll forgive me for putting this out there, a sweet, sensitive guy. By all means, meet up with him if you can.” Alan, Chicago, IL

“I’ve known Cameron for more than a decade and have wrestled him privately on many occasions in most styles of wrestling and grappling. I’ve seen him wrestle at BG and in the pro rings around New England. Cameron is a highly dedicated and talented wrestler. He is always in fantastic shape and has developed a great body to match his wrestling and fighting skills. He is always ready to go at it on the mat, in the ring or on the floor and makes it a really fun time. He is always very accommodating. If you want it light and easy or rough and tough, he will bring it either. But, he will wrestle to ultimately please his “opponent” in a session. Above all this, Cameron is a really friendly and cool guy. He puts you at ease instantly. He is down-to-earth and talkative, so his sessions are well-rounded and totally enjoyable. He is one of the best session wrestlers around!”  R.K., Hull, MA

“Cameron puts you at ease the minute you meet him. After watching his videos, I was a little intimidated to reach out, but am glad I did. By the end of the time we hung out, it felt like we had been buds for years. Humble, funny as hell, and a great attitude.” A.T., 36, from Brighton, MA

“Having met Cameron in person, I can honestly say he is the nicest, down to earth person with a great sense of humor and very chill. He taught me some awesome pro wrestling moves and I got to teach him how to surf. Now I look forward to surfing with him every time he comes out West. He’s the bud you want to hang out with for sure.” John, 36, San Diego, CA

“This summer I had the opportunity to wrestle Cameron in a hotel match. I was a little nervous about doing this since he is such an experienced professional wrestlers and I had seen a lot of his matches for BG East and other companies. But, I should not have been worried. In the first place Cameron looks better than ever. He has been working out like crazy and he is hotter than ever. He wore some great pro trunks which showed off all of assets including his world class butt. When we wrestled he adjusted his skill level to be in synch with my beginner skill level so that we had a fair match and I had a chance to dominate and submit him as I wanted. He did fight back and even tried some dirty moves which I could counter. In addition Cameron gave me some pointers and helped me learn a few new holds. Cameron was charming, switched between jobber/heels roles easily in order to make sure that I got what I wanted out of the experience. An experience that I plan on repeating next time I am in his area.Cameron is the complete package, very highly skilled, amazing body, and a willingness to bring the wrestling to your level.” Alan, Denver, CO

“Cameron is a great wrestler and a great guy. We wrestled submission and it was an intense match. He is very strong and skilled, but is safe and seen
Definitely give him a shot and you will also be a fan. He is in incredible shape and is a great roll on the mat.”Randy, New York, NY

“Whether you’ve never wrestled before or you’re a seasoned wrestler, I can think of no better opponent that Cameron. As someone that has done pretty much all there is to do between pro wrestling, submission wrestling, and fantasy wrestling, he’s the perfect choice. He’s able to adapt to your skill level and athleticism and to give you an intense, safe and most importantly unforgettable experience. I can’t wait until he’s in my area again. If he’s in your area, don’t hesitate to contact him, you won’t regret it.” Philip, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Each match was great!. The first time we had a hotel match which gave us some time to meet and feel each other out. We had a sweaty hot time and he showed some great stuff. the second time we met at my place. Another fun hard fought experience. again, he taught some moves and how to get the most of your opponent. Each meeting had many laughs and some punch happy moments. Looking for many more matches with him.” K.T., Virginia

“Cameron is a blast to wrestle! Great seller of old school pro. He’s even sexier in person. Makes me keep coming back for more.” Jim, 41 from Los Angeles, CA

“Had amazing time with Cameron in ring at Boston last summer! Lot of fun! I did lot of many great pro moves with him and I received a lot as well!Can’t wait for to have a re-match with Cameron!” Marc, from Toronto

“Wrestling with Cameron was really a great experience – for years I had watched him in wrestling videos online, and finally meeting with him one-on-one was a great experience. His great sense of humor and easygoing attitude made it very easy to quickly feel comfortable, and have a great time. He definitely knows his wrestling stuff, and delivered with our match far better than I could have expected. He knew exactly what kind of match I was looking for, and I cant wait to meet up with him again. He really is a class act, and is definitely somebody who you wouldn’t want to pass up on if hes passing through your town.” Rob, 22, Boston, MA

“If you’ve ever wanted to climb into the ring of wrestling make sure Cameron is your guide. Not only does he possess a wealth of knowledge about the technical aspect of the sport, he’ll also share some great stories. He’s extremely patient and generous with the time spent with you. At the end of the session, you’ll be aching to come back for more.” GK, Cape Cod, MA

“I booked Cameron for a private match twice. Each session was fun filled and a wonderful experience. He has an awesome physique, friendly individual and very comfortable to be around. More importantly, he is very athletic, competitive and really enjoyed our matches. I enjoyed our bodies fighting each other. If you want a dominant wrestler and buff body to wrestle, he is your guy!” D.O., New York, N.Y.

“I had seen Cameron a couple times on his BG videos and I knew he could wrestle and looked fun and obviously he is pretty good looking. Well I have say when he showed up all I could say was WOW! His photos do not do him justice for as good looking as he is in his videos, in person, oiled and flexing those amazing ripped abs, he is STUNNING! He has such a cute boy charm, perfect ripped body, great fun personality and he has mad wrestling skills to back it up. Plus he works at making the match fun. He definitely lets the match go both ways give and take but the fun for me is letting this lean ripped muscle stud flex and show off. If you don’t get him to flex those ripped abs after he pins you then you don’t know what you are missing! I hired him once and then after the fun of that match I just had to have him back for a return match! It was as fun as the first one!” Tony, Boston, MA

“I met Cameron a few years ago. He came to my house and we connected right away. I had seen his work on bgeast.com and liked his work. I have met him in a few different places. A great guy and been able to learn from him.” M.M., 47, Boston, MA

“CAMERON IS WRESTLING!!! What more need be said??? This guy lives, breathes, and thinks wrestling 24/7. I have had the pleasure of wrestling this guy a few times and have never been disappointed. If anyone has ever fantasized about wrestling a true pro, don’t hesitate and contact this master and you will not regret it. Tell him I sent you…” Marc, Maine

“I’ve enjoyed watching Cameron wrestle for years, on BGE, Can-Am, Thunders, the now defunct NHB-Battle, as well as some random indie shows…I have NEVER been disappointed in the show! Solid wrestling knowledge, showmanship, he gives all of his fan what they want–all Cameron, whether he’s winning or losing…doesn’t matter at all–just watching him is all the fun! And I’ve also had the great good fortune to have hung out with him several times as he travels up and down the east coast looking for opponents! And you guessed it, he is one of the nicest guys ever! Funny, sincere, reliable and just a riot to hang out with. Before the visit, I am always anticipating the enjoyable conversation mostly about wrestling, maybe a few playful holds or attempts at least on my part, and just a good time. After the visit, all I want to know is when he’ll be through again! Write to him, watch a match, buy a dvd, arrange for a private match…whatever you do, you won’t be sorry!” Sheldon, Maryland

“I have had the pleasure of meeting Cam twice in the past year. He is an exceptionally handsome young man – kind of a dangerous beauty too – killer body. Wrestling with him is pure fun. I can highly recommend him!” J.

“I had the pleasure of wrestling with Cameron on his recent visit to London at the mat room in High Barnet. We had a great 2 hours of wrestling brit pro style over 5 min rounds but with real submissions. Cameron is not only a great wrestler but is also very easy to talk to and get along with from the very first second you meet him. Wrestling and chat was all good and I did get my fair share of subs out of him too but as he says this is his career and living so yes it costs and is not cheap but I can honestly say I did not regret a single moment of the time spent with him or the money spent. I look forward to wrestling with him again very soon. I recommend him with no reservations.” Kris, United Kingdom

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