Summer Update (Pics Inside)

It’s been a little bit since I’ve updated this blog. Kind of surprising how I feel like I’m not doing much, but busy at the same time. Since my last post, I’ve had 2 shoots and promoted a live pro wrestling event.

It was chaotic! I used to do custom video shoots before pro wrestling events that I’d put on with friends. We’d use guys like Mike Bennett, Jimmy Jacobs, Barry Burke, Caleb Klein, Lane Hartley, Caleb Brand, Jonny Firestorm, Dick Rick, Nick Justice, MarkO, Teddy Trouble, Chase Sinn, Maverick, Ace Owens, etc. We’d do events in my hometown, Boston & Chicago. They were fun. We’d mix the hot pro guys in with some hot models and adult stars  on a long action filled day then cap off with an exciting performance in front of a live audience. I always had fun.

This one was WAY more stressful. To start things off Guido Genatto had been bitchin’ and moanin’ about this-and-that. Trust me, I understood. Dude has a nagging sciatica issue and he’s been running full steam lately with his pro career. Plus he’s had a kind of slow fishing season. I know the dude likes to fish and to catch ’em this year has been work. I’m still a huge fan of Guido and even got in a little match with him. I had a huge unfair advantage with his injury, but I think he knows he’s got a REAL challenge awaiting him upon his return to full health.

Teddy Trouble was a HUGE headache. I get it. He’s a rockstar. He’s an artist. He’s a creative type. But come on! Dude showed up late at every possible opportunity he could. He was supposed to arrive in the early morning hours on shoot day to grab his hotel in town. He’s a late night guy and I get that. I enjoy the late nights better myself. I feel more creative and ambitious. He ended up getting in 5 hours after he said he would, which was fine, but he got to the shoot late after having an issue with the restaurant staff at the hotel and them giving him foods that he is allergic to. That’s fine. He wasn’t too late and when I asked him to show off, he didn’t mind showing why he was so recognized worldwide. The next day he showed up to the show an hour plus late. I could understand if there was traffic or if he went on a scenic ride around Maine, but he was legit 3 miles from the venue. I have some other issues with Teddy and we will chat about them when I’ve had time to fully recover from the Teddy Trouble Experience. Aye yi yi!

Anyway, those are my big complaints and I don’t think life is too bad. Although it took me weeks to decompress for the stress of putting on a shoot and live event. The shoot went great and we even filmed a little piece for the local news before the Wrestler4Hire matches started to be shot. I got a hot new stud and almost everyone showed up that was supposed to. I had a cancellation from Braden Charron who got stuck working late and Tyler Royce couldn’t get the days off after he had said he was good for the shoot and live event. That’s life!

I’ll be adding the new stuff to the mix in late-September or early October. I participated in 3 matches and was at my leanest in years. Only weighing 160 pounds. Currently hanging at 165 pounds, which is 10-15 pounds off my recent weight this spring. I’ll definitely be in more videos now that I’m a beefcake

The pro wrestling event was fun and was a great excuse to put on some entertainment in my hometown while seeing some friends that I haven’t seen in years. I talked my buddy into wrestling his first match after a 3 year absence and dare I say it was Match of the Night. The event was headlined by WWE Superstar and Netflix GLOW actor, Carlito. He’s always easy to deal with and gives a great performance. I put him in the Main Event against Caleb Klein. Also featured WWE Hall of Fame Inductee, “Mr. USA” Tony Atlas whom I inducted into the Maine Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame that I created. If you’re wondering who I faced then let me tell you. The aforementioned Teddy Trouble along with Ace Owens and myself had a fun little 3-way match. I did a CRAZY move that HAS TO BE SEEN! It was insane. Lots of good matches on the card and lots of hunks too. I will be releasing it as soon as I have it fully edited, so be on the lookout for that email.

The event featured W4H wrestlers Channing Travolta, MarkO, Zach Reno, DJ, Wes Ratchett, Cam Zagucci, Caleb Klein, Ace Owens, Teddy Trouble, New guy Jeff and myself, as well as BG East wrestler Rico Rave. Jonny Firestorm even came up to help out with camerawork.

I also competed in 4 other pro matches around my local area. None of them really planned far in advance as my body isn’t what it used to be and the sunshine draws me to the water in an attempt to slay some fish. I posted 3 of them HERE, if you haven’t watched them yourself. One wasn’t recorded. I think I may take up pro matches from time-to-time again. It’s great being in front of a crowd and I do miss it sometimes.

Here is a sunset pic from my personal collection…

Upcoming shoot in Los Angeles on Sept 11th and 12th. We will be filming lots of Hero Hunks stuff and pro wrestling matches. I have a few openings for custom script ideas, email if you’ve got something in mind.

Pretty excited for this crew and the potential highlights that could be created from the combinations of talent and hotness.

Chace LaChance
Aaron Lopez
Mark Muscle
Joey Nux
Reyes Valenti
Slade Gorman

I’ll have a few other models available, but won’t have them confirmed for a few more days. They’ll be mostly novice. Debating on flying Scrappy in. Maybe if I can get some customs with him. Any interest? Also, waiting to hear from AJ Irons and Jacob Van Acker. If anyone hears from Jobe Zander, tell him I’m looking for him, please.

I updated (lowered) the prices on some worn gear. I really want to clean out the CLEARANCE section, so if you wouldn’t mind helping that’d be appreciated.

I want to publicly wish Jonny Firestorm a grand birthday today! I was invited to come hang out with him but I am school shopping with my nephews tomorrow and I shouldn’t do that after a hangover.

As you may have heard, Jayden Mayne passed away recently. I can’t say I was surprised at the news, but it was definitely not my favorite text messages and emails to get. He was fun to be around. He enjoyed working hard, showing off and wrestling. It sucks he won’t be around in the ring and on the mat anymore. RIP Jayden Mayne

Los Angeles: Sept 10 to 13
Chicago: Mid-Sept
England: October
Germany: October

Greece: October

Road trip back south from Boston to Tampa: Mid-to-late September.

I plan to stop in:
Atlanta and/or South Carolina
Jacksonville, Daytona Beach & Orlando (Florida)

Definitely open to detours, so if you want to wrestle or have a good scenic route or something worth checking out on my trip back, email me to let me know



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