Summer is coming

I’ve got a hot and heavy couple months lately. The site is doing well and I’m looking forward to taking over the top spot on the underground/gay wrestling world. I’ll be branching out with some new ideas and expanding on some older ideas.

Think I’m going to Las Vegas & Arizona this week and, perhaps, Los Angeles this weekend (June 11/12), but that’s up in the air. I’ve been sitting in front of my computer far too much, so looking to explore and travel somewhere fresh. Editing videos, photos, trailers, scouting new talent, arranging travel for models/wrestlers, etc. has made me antsy to wander outside my house. Let me know if you are in those areas.

As well, planning the upcoming shoots has consumed a lot of my free time. Hopefully the shoots go well. Below are the upcoming rosters for the two shoots…will be some more added.  So send your suggestions and custom requests. Also, I’m thinking of allowing spectators more often at these shoots. The last shoot I had two fans come by and they loved interacting with the wrestlers/models and being in the atmosphere. So hit me up with an email if you are interested in purchasing this unique experience,

June 17: Tampa
Nathan FX
Cal Bennett
Ace Owens
Elite Eliot
Kayden Alexander
Nick Justice
Ryan Zivens
Matty O’Boy
Zacky Darlin
Chase Sinn
Blake Starr

June 25: Boston
Lon DuMont
Jobe Zander
Johnny Jobber
Hugh Hunter (tentative)
Cam Zagucci (tentative)
Austin Tyler (tentative)
Alex Oliver (tentative)
Cal Bennett (tentative)
The Mountain (tentative)
Ty Alexander (tentative)
Drake Marcos (tentative)
Brad Barnes (tentative)
Chace LaChance (tentative)
Garrett Thomas (tentative)
Will Favero (tentative)

This shoot is still being pieced together and I’m working with the scheduling right now, so please send any suggestions you may have for potential talent/wrestlers that you’d like to see or request. It’ll help me decide who I should use at this shoot.

I’ll be finalizing my travel schedule for Europe this summer. For two weeks (starting June 22/23) I will be in Boston/NYC areas, if you want to set up some wrestling sessions with me.  Should be finalizing my online wrestling company show for this Autumn. I plan to use a lot of indy wrestlers, so if there’s anyone you’d like me to utilize on these filmings that’d help me find out who is best for this idea. I’m looking for guys who are really good at technical wrestling (holds/moves) and have a lot of personality/acting ability.

That’s all for now


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