Summer Fun

Summertime is my favorite time. How could it not be? I’ve been hanging with friends, wrestling a few times a week, fishing and just generally enjoying what summer brings with it.

I’ve cleaned out a lot of my closet, but I realized I have a problem. Almost every time that I sell a speedo or piece of gear, I start shopping around eBay, Amazon and wrestling gear maker websites to see what’s new. I’ve held off on buying several new pieces, but I recently made a couple purchases. Oops!

I guess I’ll need help unloading some more items. I brought two whole totes worth of speedos, tights, pro trunks, boots, hero costumes, etc to New England with me AND, believe it or not, I still haven’t washed them. That’ll change though because I have a bunch of wrestlers coming in on July 31st to do a video shoot. Check out what I have before they get too clean, CAMERON’S GEAR STORE – CLICK HERE

I have always enjoyed blue, white and black gear, personally. Ever since even before high

school. I’d design my own wrestling tights with those colors (and silver, too). Anyhow,  I got curious, what colors do you prefer on your gear/costumes/speedos/singlets?  Are we close in color preference?

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I’ve been working on putting 2 things together: one is a live pro wrestling and the other is a Wrestler4Hire/Hero Hunks video shoot.

-Zach Reno
-Wes Ratchett
-Ace Owens
-Guido Genatto
-Braden Charron
-Channing Travolta
-Tristan Baldwin/Aryx Quinn
-Teddy Trouble
-Caleb Klein
-Tyler Royce

…also, I may have access to Brad Barnes, if he is of interest. I know he just had a bodybuilding show and is pretty cut-up.

The pro wrestling event will feature a lot of the W4H wrestlers from the video shoot and I’m anxious to see if I still have what it takes as a professional wrestling promoter….and more importantly to see if I’ll be ready for action at the caliber I’ve been capable of performing at in the past. I think I’ve got my timing, positioning and a fairly good cardio base, so I expect to perform and “steal the show” that evening.

For the shoot, we will be filming in a pro ring and doing some backstage attacks/matches in a locker room set-up that’s at the venue. I’ll be looking for ideas and certainly would like to add a few custom videos to the shoot schedule. You know the routine, shoot me an email (yes, I read them all) with your ideas/suggestions and any custom video inquiries to me at

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