Stuck at home - Covid19

Holy moly! It’s funny, when I can leave my house, I don’t really want to…and when I’m told I shouldn’t leave my house, I have a million things to do that involve leaving my house. Seems most everyone is busy preparing and getting things done around the house. At least that is the feeling I get from most the folks I talk to.

Anyone have a power cage/squat rack and some weights? I’ve been stuck doing body work exercises, which are okay but I miss the intensity of going to the gym. I’ve been hunting for some reasonably priced equipment on Amazon, Facebook and Craigslist, but nothing. Any leads? Screw it…maybe I should just get a hammock for the backyard.

I’ve been spending a bunch of time in front of my computer. As you may recall, I am moving my websites to a more user-friendly service. Things were going great, but one day I noticed my trailers/previews weren’t playing. I didn’t know why at first, but come to find out, my account was suspended for violating terms of use. To top that off, my payment merchant decided after a month of testing and use that they couldn’t work with me anymore due to the type of content. Aye yi yi! So, I’ve been working on adding 850+ trailers back to the sites and finding a host for payments. That’ll get me back to where I was, I still have to add 60-80 new videos from November, January, February & March.

Ended up shooting a little match with my buddy Joey Nux. I had to get out of the house and do something, so I met him over at my studio wayyyyy across town. Was a fun little match and we had a great time hanging out (six feet apart).

WrestleMania was supposed to be in my current town, but was canceled for safety reasons. I caught Part 1 & 2 this weekend while on the couch at home. It was definitely different without the audience, but a few matches for sure caught my attention.

-Undertaker vs. AJ Styles in the Boneyard Match. The production and cinematic edge was refreshing for me. Kind of like Lucha Underground but with more movie-like fight scenes.

-John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt…Odd, Unique, Interesting. I enjoyed it. Maybe it’s me being an old grumpy dinosaur, but I enjoyed the uniqueness of the skit/match. Was a joy to see the nostalgia of my childhood re-booted.

-Charlotte Flair vs. Rhea Ripley was a nice classic technical wrestling match. I kind of wish they had some male matches that were like this. Great technical story telling and action.

I thought most of the matches were a little long for my liking, but that may have just been due to lack of audience reaction. Somehow I missed Aleister Black’s match. Was it worth seeing?

Been trying to disengage my mind at night with some silliness. Watched Jay & Silent Bob: Re-Booted. Found that far better than I expected. Kevin Smith is a skilled story teller/writer and his daughter was a great actress. It’s kind of unfair how we as people expect more out of second (or third) generation talent. Kevin Smith’s daughter definitely killed it in her performance. Awesome cameo by Chris Jericho.

How much of a mess is that Tiger King show on Netflix? Wow! It’s like a bad car wreck. I couldn’t turn my head away. Good solid mindless trash tv at it’s apex.

Ok…I’ve been distracted from work stuff long enough. I better get back to working on the sites and learning some new tricks. Been using this forced quarantine to learn some new things. It is absolutely amazing what you can learn with a few google searches and youtube videos.

Hope you’re staying healthy and well 🙂

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