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Let’s get the craziness out of the way first. For the last 9 years, I’ve dealt with harassment  on my personal social media. It’s been on-and-off. Seems like once or twice per year. It used to bother me a lot. This guy would send images of me from sites that I have wrestled on to my friends/family after threatening to “expose” me and demanded I answer his questions. I told him to email me and I’d answer as many questions as I could.

This was an inconvenience at worst at the time, but this dude took it even further by sending nude images of me to my friends and more awkwardly to my family that he had come across these images from my webcam days (2 months to be precise) and was now “exposing” me. I tried contacting Facebook but if you had any issues with them you know how difficult a task it can be. I discussed other options such as contacting law enforcement.  Things would always stop after a day or two of this non-sense.

Over the last (nearly) decade of this, I found out he had done similar to friends and associates of mine. Same tactics. Finally a year or two ago, I had enough and I decided to voice call him from one of his endless fake Facebook profile pages. I angrily talked to him for over an hour. He had no real questions to ask. It fires me up just thinking about it.

Things had been mostly quiet until last week when I received a few messages on my personal social media accounts letting me know that this dude has shown up again. I have access to a handful of IP addresses that he uses and have hunted him down to the NYC area. Unfortunately, New York City is bigger than many states. I’ve spoken to a few people and it sounds like the quickest resolution would be to hire a proper attorney to go after this dude with a civil lawsuit.

I share that shortened version of the story for a few reasons. The main reasons are that…

1) I’m hoping I know someone who can assist with a few legal aspects or help with these IP address locations further. Maybe a more precise location of his activities. I already know his phone carrier.

2) I’ve talked to a half dozen other wrestlers that this dude has targeted. Most recently, Scrappy. If you have been harassed by this dude, let me know. I think it helps if we have more men on this mission


I hope you had a relaxing holiday. I didn’t do much as I chose to stay in Florida. I had a lot to do since the week before I had 3 days of filming. More than 16 wrestlers were in attendance, but the biggest guest in the house was the LEGENDARY Can-Am Producer, Ron Sexton. He had flown in from Los Angeles to my home turf as the plan is to partner up on creating matches and hero scenarios for his sites during 2020.

Ron is a humble man. Very low-key when he is somewhere. We attacked the shoot from 2 angles. I handled shooting things inside of my new wrestling studio while Ron handled things outside the building until the sun went down. After that we combined brain power late into the evening.

We got A LOT of good videos. I don’t think I could pick a favorite match. For real. Probably my best shoot EVER! A great team of guys wrestling and hanging out.

Day 1 – we filmed some  “adult themed” videos. Only had about 8 to 10 dudes at that shoot and it was a slower paced shoot as we were still setting up things before and after matches. We filmed for about 6 hours then called it a night. Ron was happy with what he saw. We hung out for a few hours after the shoot before calling it a night.

Day 2 – Shoot days are interesting. I usually go to bed around 3am to 5am and wake around 8am or 830am  during shooting days. We got a late start actually filming because we were all having fun hanging out upon arrival. Luckily, everyone was there as late as they needed to be. We ended up shooting 20 or 21 matches over 12 hours.

Day 3 – We are all moving a bit slower due to fatigue, hangovers and the punishment we’ve put our bodies through the last 2 days. Luckily the spirits of the team were still high. We got slightly less videos done but after the sun went down it felt more like a party with good friends than a day at the office.

You can’t stop Ricky Vegas from dancing around the building even when there isn’t any music playing.

I must say that Scrappy may be a better actor than Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt. Someone should put that guy in a real movie. He owns a character and you start believing he is who he is portraying. It’s incredible to watch.


When I scheduled this shoot, I didn’t consider it’d be Movember. I tend to be absent minded. Hmmm…not sure absent minded is the appropriate word. I get super focused on things and other things move to the back of my brain. It’s a great strength and sometimes a flaw. Dimitri showed up with a solid mustache he had been growing in awareness of his friend who had cancer. I felt terrible asking him to shave for the shoot, but he understood and I offered to donate to the cause. I am by no means rich but I donated a decent amount of money to the fundraiser. I think he’s a genuine good dude and we get along great. If you’d like to support Dimitri’s GoFundMe follow this link.

Tis The Season – My Birthday

December means many things to many people. I dig it. My favorite holiday is just around the corner. The Christmas tree has been up in my house since Halloween. I know. I know. I knew I was going to be gone for a few days to various places and would  busy upon my return home. I like coming home during the darkness of December to see the bright colorful lights of the season. I’ll be headed north in a couple weeks to visit family and friends to celebrate the spirit of the holiday. Being around people that you care about and sharing time with them. It’s also a good time to do good for others. I’ve been making a list…and adding to it with my goals for 2020 including more volunteering and putting my time to positive use. I’ve already began tackling my list.

Another big event happens in December. Yup, my birthday. Only a few more days before I turn another year older. I don’t know if I ever expected to be this old. In your mind, at least mine, I feel much younger…except for my body. I somehow hurt my back walking around my house the other day. I’ve been whining about it for 2 days.

I get a lot of emails and messages around this time asking what I want for my birthday and Christmas. I used to enjoy getting packages in the mail containing money, electronics, clothes, steaks, gift cards and tickets to events. In the last few years, I have found I get more joy from raising funds to give to people struggling in my hometown. Don’t worry, I’ll be bugging you often over December for support.

Please strongly consider helping me, the community I came from and honoring my high school teacher who passed away in 2016 with a little donation –

Accidental Freebies & More Deals

Due to a glitch, I gave out over 100 FREE videos on this past Friday. A few people took HUGE advantage of this flaw over the Thanksgiving holiday.

It’s the final days of my Black Friday Weekend & Cyber Monday sales on both sites. I’ll be doing a discount on current WWE Superstar, Tony Nese’s matches on the site where he wrestled as his alter-ego, Maverick. That’ll start around midnight tonight.

Still not sure what I’m going to do for a Cyber Monday sale for Hero Hunks. Any ideas? Suggestions?

New Sites

I’m currently in progress of creating two more websites. One similar to the original NHB Battle. I have a few wrestlers who are competitive and would do well in this style of action. I think that since NHB Battle changed its’ name and moved to Vegas it lost some of the appeal. Hopefully I can bring some life back into this wrestling theme.

I’ll also be following up on my oil wrestling idea from 18 months ago. Currently working on building a nice oil pit and designing the website. First shoot for both of these will be January 4th. Keep an eye out on my Wrestler4Hire social media for more – Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. I’ll be doing some live videos throughout the day.

If you’ve got any insight or input that’ll help me be successful please shoot me an email,

That’s All Folks

That’s it for now. Looks like a lot, but I still have more to share, so I’ll make a point to do more blogs. In January, I’ll be doing nominations and final voting for 2019 Awards.

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