Spring is in the air

Hasn’t the weather been excellent lately? I feel like New England is starting to unthaw and Florida is almost to summertime temps. It’s great. Early evening and you can enjoy some outside time.

I’ve had a productive week or so. Decided I’m going to branch out into a few more wrestling themed sites. You probably already know about JockTickle. My tickling fetish website. I’m just waiting to do a few more tickling videos before I launch that. Who would you like to see tickled?

Also, think I’m gonna be opening an Oil Wrestling page. All oil wrestling matches. I’m just trying to sort out how I’m going to do the wrestling. Do I just put a vinyl canvas on the pro ring? Do I let them wrestle on the mats? Or should I build a custom oil wrestling pit? I’m definitely open to suggestions and ideas.

I’m leaning towards a competitive wrestling theme, too. But I think that’ll be closer to the end of 2018, if I decided to do more competitive themed videos. Kind of like how NHB-Battle used to be….back when I was Denny Webb. I think it’s kind of missing that old feeling and competitiveness.

Then….I want to talk to my buddy Jonny Firestorm about doing a more provocative set of videos on a different site. It’s hard to nail him down though. So, I’m planning to corner him when I move back to New England for the summer months. Together we could be like Hulk Hogan & Randy “Macho Man” Savage…The MEGA POWERS!!!!

I will definitely need to hire a full-time employee to make sure all the sites stay running smoothly while I’m out creating and organizing matches.

I guess that brings me to my next two shoots.

Brute Baynard
Joey Nux
Christian Thorn
Austin Cooper
Dashing Dustin

Chet Chastain
Cali Boy
Jax Brewer
Tristan Baldwin
Jobe Zander
…and more

Cam Zagucci
Braden Charron
Chace LaChance
Cal Bennett

If you’ve got any suggestions for wrestlers/models, match scenarios or whatever, please email me info@wrestler4hire.com

Now I gotta get back to running an empire

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