I’ve spent the last few days on the road. A long solo ride to the northland. During this trip I saw lots of places. Definitely wished I had time to stop for some matches along the way.

Things have also been busy with the website. I believe all the improperly linked matches are now where they belong. However, if you find something or experience a problem please shoot an e-mail (info@wrestler4hire.com) and we will resolve things.

Still working on adding information to Photo Galleries and Matches (Description and Run-time). It’s a long, boring process, but I’ll lock myself away to try to get it done as soon as possible. Could always use an intern


Will be adding a few features to the site. A search bar for easier navigation. The streaming membership releases will be organized for ease. A user-comment section where you can see what others are saying about matches. I think what helped make CameronWrestler.com special was having TESTIMONIALS from satisfied clients and allowing folks to share their opinions with myself and other fans about the videos/matches.

I’m excited for the possibilities of this site…especially when we get things rolling. I believe that things are headed in the correct direction.

Big shoot coming about at the beginning of May. Coming together nicely. Looking for a couple fresh faces that are close to Boston or NYC with some wrestling experience and the right look. I’ll be posting a list of the wrestlers that’ll be available for custom orders soon. Also, I’ll be answering everyone back that has already inquired about customs. Have only glanced at the e-mails but looks like their are some great scenarios.

Going to head to bed. Stay well and have a great weekend.

Make sure you enjoy it!

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