Road Trip


Just got to my hotel. Been on the road for the last week or so. Fairly exhausted but having fun.

Went to upload some fresh new matches this evening, but realized I didn’t have the screen grabs for some matches and that I needed some assistance from Ron Sexton and another buddy. Should have the screen grabs done by tomorrow. Hoping to hear from Ron tonight about the other project I need assistance with. I expect to have fresh content up by Monday (if not, Sunday).

Finally got the Coupon Code featured installed. That cost a pretty penny to add-on to the site but will be worth it. Will be sending out the free video coupon as soon as I get the go ahead from the Tech Department.

I will be traveling most of the day tomorrow (and hopefully grabbing some gym time) as I head back up the East Coast towards Washington (DC) and NYC. May have some room for a match or two Sunday (in DC) or Monday/Tuesday (in NYC).  Also, possible that I could meet in Connecticut or Massachusetts on Tuesday evening.

Here are a few sneak peek photos for upcoming matches:

Thanks for your patience and understanding. I will be handling e-mails tomorrow evening and/or Saturday depending on when I find free time along my travels. Looking forward to the feedback and maybe whooping some ass (or more likely having my ass whooped) along the final days of my road trip.

Happy holiday season!

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