Road Trip

Hey! I’m sitting here at almost 4am and I’ve been thinking about doing a little tour around the United States.

Currently, I am based out of Tampa area. I put together a little road trip…and I’m hoping I can find matches along the way.

Here is what I’m thinking…a road trip starting this upcoming weekend or maybe in a few weeks. I think I’d like to make stops in the following places to sight seeing and to experience those areas:
-Panama City (Florida) —>  2 Days
-Mobile (Alabama) —> Quick Stop
-Baton Rouge & New Orleans (Louisiana) —> 2 or 3 Days
-Shreveport (Louisiana) —> Overnight
-Dallas, Austin & Houston (Texas) —> 4 Days

I am open to other sights and stops, so give me suggestions. If you are along the route (or not too far off the route) and would like to meet up for a Pro vs. Joe Session or Private Match or maybe just to do a little Meet-and-Greet let me know. I plan to do this trip over a week or 10 days.


I am also planning to travel in March & April to the following:
-Los Angeles, San Francisco & Las Vegas
-Chicago, St. Louis & Des Moines….maybe Indianapolis and others
-Boston & NYC
Working on spending a few weeks in Europe this summer (June or July)
-England & Wales
So, please, let me know if you want to set something up with me.
As well, give me your suggestions on where I should travel next. I have been craving a reason to go to the Northern states of Montana, Wyoming & the Dakotas. Maybe even Nebraska, Arizona, Utah and West Texas this Autumn. Thoughts?
I’m going to try to get some rest. Long days lately and I expect much of the same for the foreseeable future.

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