After three weeks in Europe, I have finally returned home to America.

Loads of fun was had while traveling through England, Wales, Ireland, France, Norway, Sweden & Denmark. Definitely spent many wild nights out on the town with Jonny Firestorm and made countless memories. I have to say my favorite country is now Wales and plan to make it an annual vacation spot.

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I did less than a handful of matches while touring through those countries…by choice. I didn’t want to spend all my time like I had on past travels to Europe. You know, wrestling all day, every day and spending hours in a car or on a train traveling to matches. I think I made the proper choice. I had lots of fun with the guys that I met up with. Jonny and I even tag teamed a dude in our hotel room. All 3 of us had a blast then shared a bunch of drinks at an old pub in London before Jonny and I went on with our evening of debauchery.

I introduced Jonny to a few of my pro wrestling buddies near Birmingham, UK and after watching them put on a show, we all went out to see what kind of trouble we could get into on the town.


Let’s just say that I am paying for the fun that I had. For the last week plus I’ve been battling a case of mono…fever, cold sweats, body aches, swollen glands and the worst headaches I’ve ever had in my life. I can’t even ejaculate without terrible pain shooting through my head. My body has been easily fatigued, so I’ve been stuck close to bed recovering. I expect to be much better tomorrow and will get caught up on e-mails. I appreciate the patience while I’ve been dealing with this. The “Kissing Disease” is no joke and I’ll have to put these lips on ice until I’m feeling 100%.

I’m wondering what  you think of the recent uploads. You like? You dislike? What do you want more of? What could you do without? I always enjoy getting feedback. It helps me understand what I should be doing.

I am off to bed now. It’s only 6pm, but I am feeling the fatigue. Tomorrow will be a more productive day, I promise.


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