Rain, Rain Go Away

Feels like it's been raining non-stop since I've gotten into the Northeast part of the United States. I spent an hour going 5 miles in North Carolina due to construction and rain. Similar in Virginia. And it's been 45 to 65 degrees with rain most the days that I've been back in Maine. 

Rumor is that it'll be warming up to summer temps in a day or two, which means summer activities can start. I'm only 2 weeks away from a live pro wrestling event on the 4th of July in a small town near my hometown. It's become an annual tradition again. We used to do it when I was in high school on the pro scene then we did it again in 2011-2014 (or so) and now it seems it's a perennial event once again. 

Wrestling is always a good excuse to meet up with your buddies.

Speaking of buddies, I invited a couple of them to do the LIVE CHAT with me last week. What an event that was! Even I was surprised at who showed up to chit chat. I had mentioned it to a few friends earlier in the day and a couple were busy, but Nathan FX & Blake Starr jumped on the idea. 

Nathan is a super cool dude. Real laid back, so it was fun seeing him interact with fans. Blake showed up a half hour later to flex and shoot the shit. I'm thinking this may need to turn into an audio AND visual thing. Seeing pics is cool and texting back-and-forth isn't bad, but sometimes personalities don't shine through just words on a screen. Anyone know how to host a chat with audio and visual? Let me know.

Big Masked Heel sent me a text before the chat started to make sure it was cool to show up. Obviously it was. I know both Big Masked Heel as a wrestler and as his "real-life" persona. It's always wild to me that buttoned-up white collar guys have this more private side where they love to wrestle. I'm amazed when I meet folks from all walks of life and they share this fun little scene known as wrestling with me. 

To top off the surprises, producing legend Ron Sexton saddled up and rode into town. Ron is a mentor and friend to me. I love messing with him - he's great natured. I'm going to get him to Maine someday. Anyway, imagine 12 year old me watching Cyberfights on dial-up internet and now I have the owner showing up to a chatroom I'm hosting.


I gotta get Ron to share some stories and some of his personality with you. I've spent countless hours with Ron listening to him talk - in his office, at his studio, a few in his home and a bunch over meals in Los Angeles and Florida. He's an absolute gem. Definitely the kindness dude in the game.

Back to the chat for a second, like I said, a few guys couldn't make it last minute but said they'd be interested. Joey Nux, Scrappy & Tanner Ripley all expressed interest. I think Braden Charon & Gabe Steele would be fun to have on a chat.

Who do you wanna see? Let me know in the comments below. I'll see if I can make it happen. I'm thinking once a month or so.

I'll get some these guys sharing some stories...if they aren't too wild. I mean we could have Ethan Andrews share his nap regime on the drive from his home in Pennsylvania to Orlando. He's got more miles sleeping than awake.

Definitely some fun stories with Christian Thorn from our trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. How we ended up at a super small town bar just outside a big University in Indiana with Garrett Thomas & Jayden Mayne. Then we have beach bars in Maine with Braden Charon. Lane Hartley and I tag teaming on the pro scene and our accidentally wild night out in Boston. Oh yeah the time the W4H crew went to a Pride Parade in Ybor City just hours before our shoot down the street.

I think the one that may be too wild to share would be countless good times with Jonny Firestorms all across the world - Chicago, NYC, Boston, Fort Lauderdale, London, Dublin, Paris, Rome, Venice and God only knows where else we've wandered into a good time.

Definitely a lot of fun with the Wrestler4Hire guys inside and outside of the ring and I think you'd enjoy hearing about both.

I think that wraps up another blog post. It doesn't feel like I've been doing much but believe me I have. I even was on a pro wrestling event recently. It's amazing how busy life is. I'm almost caught up to where I want to be and guess what? I just got 10 matches filmed recently. Should be on the site in a few weeks. Just gotta get some trailers made for them. 


Gary Green

Gary Green

Zoom is a good platform for audio and visual meet ups. Just moderate better so it is not the same 3 or 4 guys monopolizing the entire conversation.

For example, fans have a voice too and their views are important too.

Your progress is terrific but give some thought to broadening your horizons.
Think of other areas to focus on to enrich your life. You might consider reading, art appreciation, having non-wrestlers as friends (and learn of their interests), and community work that doesn’t involve wrestling.

Good luck to you.

Eevee S.

Eevee S.

Had a fun time getting to chat with you Cameron! I emailed you about commissioning a custom match starring Collin from WrestleFrat and mentioned it in the live chat too, was hoping to hear back about it, thank you.

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