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What a week! The biggest event being that I almost bought another wrestling video company. However, the deal fell through. That is a little relieving because it would’ve eaten up a lot of my bank account/safety net. It wasn’t a big money deal, but a lot of the funds generated by this site (dare I say most) goes back into making new videos, buying wrestling and superhero costumes, flights, hotels, website costs, a bunch more…and recently a new wrestling ring for my own full-time studio. Now I won’t disclose which wrestling website it was as I think it’s gonna be fun to make you wonder. Mwahahaha. But I will tell you about my recent wrestling studio that I’m leasing in the Tampa Bay area.

I’ve spent most of the last 10 days setting up a wrestling ring and doing minor repairs/updates on said ring. As well, I’ve been cleaning up and fixing up the warehouse to make it more friendly and presentable. I have put down fresh carpet and tile, spent hours cleaning the shower, organizing hundreds (maybe thousands) of spandex wears (speedos, tights, singlets, etc.) and I am not even completely done with what I have planned for this space. I suck at taking before and after pics but I grabbed a few check them out below…

I want to thank everyone for participating in the Flash Sale that I did last week. It helped greatly, as I was able to buy new wrestling mats, turnbuckle pads, Rubbermaid storage containers, tons of cleaning products and other stuff I’m definitely forgetting. I’ll be purchasing brand new high-density pro wrestling padding for the ring tomorrow. Check your email for the 20% off discount I sent out this week.


I go to New York City this weekend for a wrestling event that I’m booked on. I’m excited about that as it is for one of my favorite wrestling promotions. It’s a short trip to the city and I won’t have any real time for private matches up north. I will be back in Tampa next week to finalize the setting up the brand new ring padding and a few other items before doors open for actual pro wrestling training classes. I believe that’ll operate 3 evenings per week with a former WWE Superstar.

The ring will be a available for private matches and I do have wrestling mats that would be available. I want to make a fun place for people to enjoy wrestling as I’ve enjoyed it since I was a kid. I am DEFINITELY looking forward to having my own full-time space. Of course, I’ll continue to travel filming wrestling matches all around North America and England.

I’m even thinking about doing a monthly wrestling event at the studio. The venue wouldn’t be able to hold a lot, maybe 40 to 50 people, but I think it would be a ton of fun. I’ll most certainly be putting on a live W4H event in the new year.

Like I said, I’ve been back in Florida for about 10 days and I have caught up on a lot of stuff. I’ll be finalizing two days of shooting for Hero Hunks and Wrestler4Hire for November 21 and 22nd. I’ll have an updated list of the roster (hopefully) by the end of this week. I’m expecting a couple new faces along with the classic guys Scrappy, Braden Charron, Drew Harper and as always, I’m open to suggestions…especially if you’re looking for a custom video. Email me

The recent Los Angeles and Philly shoots went pretty damn good, if I do say so myself. Of course, there were a couple guys that couldn’t make it to the shoot for various reasons. One guy had a concussion and another seemed to have the flu. It’s expected at this point that at least one dude isn’t going to show up. In Philly, I forgot to film one match that I really really really really wanted so I made sure to make Mark muscle and Zack Altovito come to my hotel room to wrestle each other. I definitely thank you are going to like this.

Still working on finalizing a trip to England and the European mainland in the next few months. Right now it’s kind of delayed due to the necessity of me needing to get stuff finalized in Florida with the studio.

I always seem busy but when it comes time to do the blog I tend to forget all the things I’ve been busy doing. No worries though because I have definitely been being super productive.

Oh yeah that’s right…I filmed a VERY unrated match between Joey Nux and Gabe Steele as the very first match filmed in the official Wrestler4Hire studio. You’ll definitely want to check that one out CLICK HERE TO SEE

I like to listen to podcasts on my trips and while I’m working on things. Figured I’d share some of my favorites and ask you for some suggestions on others you’d think I would enjoy.

Wrestling Podcasts

Til We Make It on YouTube with Mike Quackenbush
Kayfabe 2.0 with Mike Quackenbush
The Kevin Gill Show with Kevin Gill
The Steve Austin Show with Steve Austin
The School of Morton with Ricky Morton
Talk Is Jericho with Chris Jericho
Not Sam Wrestling with Sam Roberts
Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana

The podcasts with Mike Quackenbush are great for insight on how to improve as a performer, promoter and producer of wrestling. Definitely a great mind. As for the remainder, they are great stories from wrestlers and other pro wrestling performers. I have always enjoyed that ever since I was a fan. I read lots of autobiographies every year (not just wrestlers).

Non-Wrestling Podcasts

Jimmy Jacobs Doesn’t Know
The Tim Ferriss Show
Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin
The Joe Rogan Experience
School of Greatness with Lewis Howes
Bunny Ears with Macauley Culkin
TED Radio Hour
Stuff You Should Know
WTF with Marc Maron

I’ll start with Jimmy Jacobs Doesn’t Know. Although he is a pro wrestler and wrestling writer, his talks a more about the struggles of being a human being and understanding yourself and others. I’ve been a fan of the dude for over a decade and the first time I met him that grew as he was fast asleep on my grandmas living room floor on just couch cushions but woke up grateful. 

Macauley Culkin is a wrestling fan so thats why I initially began listening. Decent little podcast with some fun stories. Alec Baldwin has a magnificent voice for radio and I enjoy  his chats with several industry “insiders.” I find it hard not to like the guy. Of course, Tim Ferriss is a legend and hopefully someday I’ll be ready for a powerful conversation if our paths ever cross. I enjoy his unique insight and that he goes against the grain in a lot of manners. I’m picky on what shows I listen to with Rogan and Maron as sometimes Maron can be hard to tolerate in long spurts and Rogan hits a lot of different subjects in a chat. 

If you have anything you’d suggest or strongly recommend, email me

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