My journey as a gay wrestling fan

Hello to all you fans of men-in-spandex-who-cuddle-angrily!

I’ve been graciously asked by Cam to start a little “Fan Blog”. To be honest, at first, I was a little hesitant. What would I write about? Was I supposed to review and plug the videos? Write up profiles of the wrestlers?  Cam told me not to plug or profile anyone (yet), he only wanted me to write whatever I felt like writing, a blog about “underground wrestling” from a longtime fan. I could do that! So many ideas came to me: “Low Blows: An Illustrated History”, “Butcher Singlets: Sexy or Sad?”, “10 Hot Wrestling Moves Better Than A Bulldog on a Hotel Mattress”, “Heels Who Secretly Want To Be Jobbers: Film At 11”, so many different possibilities!

But, I figured for a first post, I should share a little bit about me! I’m sure my story is similar to your story, but I am going to blog anonymously, that way I can say whatever I want without getting in trouble. Unless it angers Cam, in which case I better change it before he slaps the shit out of me. And as hot as he is, it’s hard to keep that in mind when he’s slamming you down to the mat, yelling obscenities three inches from your face while repeatedly punching your balls. I should know. I MIGHT have made him angry a few times (and now and then, on those days when I feel like being a hardcore jobber, I’ve make him angry just for fun… Shhh!)

Anyway. I LOVE wrestling. I love it! I have loved it since I was a little kid! In fact, when I came out to my mom she told me that she knew I was gonna be gay because my winky would get hard whenever I watched WWF or WCW. And watch it I did… A LOT. My whole life I’ve been a Pro Wrestling Junkie. I loved watching hardcore heels like Razor Ramon, Psycho Sid, Rick Martel and Shawn Michaels, beautiful Baby Faces like 123 Kid, Tito Santana, Marcus Alexander Bagwell, Alex Wright, and countless others. Every week they would just beat some poor jobber into oblivion. I could do a whole post (and probably will) about jobbers from the old days that I still have a thing for (Kenny Kendall getting hogtied by Bunkhouse Buck? Remember that?)

My passion for wrestling eventually led me, of course, to join the wrestling team in high school. Sometimes, when I tell guys this, they ask “Didn’t you get hard when you wrestled?” The Answer is “No.” A resounding “Nope”. This was real wrestling, it required strategy and instinct,  we were just trying hard not to get our asses kicked in a moldy gym that was about 150 degrees! A gym full of guys in sweaty clothes and spandex, smelling like teen spirit (which at the time was hardcore adolescent stench mixed with Drakkar Noir), all desperately trying to pin their opponent to the ground and come out as the victor… Wow… just writing that makes me question why I DIDN’T get hard! But, to be honest, I didn’t. I DID however, fantasize about my Team Captain all the time! He was a junior, a champion Wrestler, and was the one to recruit me for the team. I dreamed nightly of him and his gorgeous smile, his huge bulge being outlined in his singlet, and his muscles… oh, his muscles were huge!  I’m not lying! He was 17 and had the body of one of the Von Erichs! Hmmm, I wonder what ever happened to him? (Pause, while I go search Meetfighter Members in my hometown.)

About the same time, I discovered the magical world of the internet and underground wrestling. My life changed forever. I’d wait til my parents went to bed, and then I would fill the browser cache with pictures of guys like Brooklyn Bodywrecker, Clint Morgan, Billy Herrington, Jimmy Dean, and Tag Team’s like Cruze and Jose (BTW- I’ve still yet to see a video tag team as good as them). I would secretly order videos from BG East, Can-Am, NHB Battle (aka Movimus), all of them. I would lock myself in a room, pop in a vhs or a dvd and my gay wrestling fantasies would come to life. This this was better than WWF. This was gay and straight guys (and some who were “in between”), wrestling in real rings, shit talking, Heels dealing out beat downs with humiliating pins, Jobbers taking beatdowns beautifully as they were knocked unconscious, then left squirming in their speedos as the cocky heel posed in the mirror! And the gear? Stud wrestlers wearing classic pro trunks, some wearing teeny tiny little speedos, and if you were really lucky, a thong. And sometimes… the heel would strip the jobber down to nothing and the two would “get it on”. I was hooked.


Right before I went off to college, I discovered the next gateway drug. Chat Rooms. I found an AOL chatroom called “Wrestling M4M”, followed shortly by GlobalFight Personals. Wait! There were guys like me who fantasized about putting on some sexy trunks, lacing up boots, shit talking, beating the crap out of each other, and at the same time, possibly getting aroused and taking it up a level? No way. No. This wasn’t real. But it was. I would talk to tons of guys across the country, some real, and some really fake (one guy claimed to be different BG East wrestlers every week, until we all just ignored him). I look back now, and as a 18 year old, I was having cyber and phone matches with guys way older than me, and loving that I was acting out my deepest fantasies.

I guess I’m an “experienced” wrestler now, whatever that means. I wrestled guys from across the street and guys across the globe. I’ve wrestled some of the best there is, and some of the worst. I’ve learned from guys who were in the WWE and from guys who have been doing underground since the 70s. I’ve wrestled some of the biggest wrestling video stars and I’ve wrestled in a few videos myself. I’ve walked newbies through their paces with patience, and I’ve worn out the patience of a few vets. I’ve experienced pro wrestling, submission, erotic, no holds barred, superhero fights, battle royals, bondage matches, hell, I’ve even done sumo wrestling! I’ve seen it all. Well… most of it.

Wrestling has become a huge part of my life. It’s helped me become more confident and helped me explore my sexuality. On the other hand, it hasn’t helped in the relationship department. I am still looking for my World Champion. But that’s okay, because more than anything, it’s helped me make some of the best friends a guy could hope for. Dudes from around the world, all ages, different shapes and sizes and various ability levels. We come together to have fun, by lacing up the boots, climbing in a ring, and rasslin’! My story is your story! I hope to use this amazing opportunity to talk about all kinds of different aspects of OUR wrestling world. And give me ideas if you have any! Wanna know “Sexy Ways To Pin A Jobber”, tell me and Papa will provide. I love this community. It is so awesome. I mean, some of you I’ve talked with for years and we’ve never even met! But one day we WILL lock up and have a blast. Maybe Cam will film it and then you too can become a Wrestler4Hire!

Until next time, Bear Hugs and Camel Clutches!

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