My birthday, the holidays & GIVE ME YOUR MONEY 😁

The last part of this blog post is a joke - kind of.

It's officially Holiday Season and my birthday, too. I'm a December baby. For the last - I don't know, let's say 5 years (it's probably a lot longer than that, but my memory isn't great)...anyway, every year people ask what I'd like for my birthday and I tell them, I don't want anything. I've got almost everything I could ask for...except a HUGE meat-stick. (I should've been a comic).

So this year, as with many years past, I've set-up a GoFundMe for donations to a local Community Action Program in my old stomping grounds of Maine. Last year, with your donations, we were able to donate $6000 to help with heating assistance during the brutal winter months. Thank you for that. It does mean a lot and I know from the folks at the Community Action Program that it does help quite a bit. 

With that, some others have donated to the Non-Profit my friends and I started to give back to our communities. I'd like to share that here, but I'm inclined to ask you to CLICK HERE to see them, so I can at least get you over to the GoFundMe page and (hopefully) motivate you to donate (or at least read about some good in the world).

I've already committed $3000 of my own money to this fundraiser, so we can hopefully double that and a little more. Fingers crossed in hopes :)

I know everything is extra costly this year. I looked at flights home and they are seemingly doubled from years gone by. As much as I'd like to spend the season freezing my buns off in the New England snow, I think I'm staying in Florida for this one. It'll be the first Christmas season in many years that I haven't snuck off to Maine, but I was just up there for 2 Pro Wrestling Fundraisers, so I don't think I'll be too missed by the family and friends.

I'll also be staying in Florida for Thanksgiving, but that's been commonplace. It's a nice low-key day, so I'll appreciate the time to relax and rest. It's been a long time coming.




Finals are set. The last 2 stars have made their way to the Championship bout to determine an official winner for the one-of-a-kind custom made leather championship belt. 

I'll spoil one half of the finals, but you're gonna have to watch Gabe Steele vs. Cameron (Chase for the Championship) to find out who goes on to face Chase Sinn for the GOLD!

*Somebody goes through a wooden table in the Gabe Steele vs. myself match 😲


I play to crown the winner over the holiday season - maybe on New Years Eve. What do ya think about that idea?


Planning to set something up with my long-time cohort, Ron Sexton this winter for a live event in Tampa Bay, Florida. Hit me up if you'd like to put your name on the potential invite list for witness this event live in-person.

I'd like to share more, but it's currently TOP SECRET 😉


These recent Florida shoots have been stressful but some great matches have come out of them. I am anxious to share them. I think 2023 is gonna be HUGE! 

In the midst of planning another shoot, maybe in South Florida or maybe in Tampa or maybe both. Looking to get Mars, Scrappy, Angel, Daddy Texas, Christian Thorn, Chad Daniels & Brandon from WrestleFrat. I may be missing somebody. 

Comment in below to let me know who I'm missing or who you wanna see!





Happy Birthday, Mr Cameron!!!!!
Keep it awesome!
And more handicap matches with more Scrappy!! ;) (2vs1 nhb battle?)



Just want to say Scrappy is the most masculine man I’ve ever seen I have to ask does he have a social media we can follow?



Are you maybe missing Braden? He is the hottest (apart from yourself) on the W4h roster💪



Hot Line-Up@@

robert mcnutt

robert mcnutt

Hey Cam, Happy Birthday ! Please let me know when the Live Shoot in Tampa might Happen, thx Buddy



Christian Thorne v Scrappy

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