May 20th Custom Shoot and a little more

I’ve finalized the roster for the May 20th shoot in Tampa.

-Jax Brewer
-Cal Bennett
-Brad Barnes
-Matty O’Boy
-Zacky Darlin
-Rendell Zebu
-Blake Starr
-Marco Thunder

and maybe Jayden Mayne

I have a couple spots left open for custom requests, so if you feel like Vince McMahon and want to produce your own special video featuring these hot guys then shoot me an email 

I’ve been staying pretty busy with e-mails, scheduling shoots and keeping the site moving along. I recently found that some “fans” have been pirating the content I’ve created. I can’t blame them. I want everyone to see the content and it’s very hot stuff. However, it makes it very hard to continue to produce content when it is being shared and given away for free.

The stuff takes a good amount of money to produce. Not only do I have to cover the wrestler/model’s fee, but I have to pay for hotels, flights, facilities, cameramen, photographers, food & water during shoots, speedos, web hosting and additional “staff”  to assist me on making sure things run smoothly. So, please, just buy the video and help the cause. I’d like to keep this adventure going for as long as I can and keep supplying sexy wrestling matches to you.

Please and thank you

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