Long, Productive Day

This past weekend’s shoot started off rocky. I woke up Friday to a text from Cal Bennett saying he couldn’t check-in for his flight. I had put his airline ticket on a 24-hour hold, but forgot to go back to book it when I did the other tickets. Luckily, that was sorted out with a new flight for Cal landing Saturday (yesterday) morning at 11am.

Yesterday,I woke up at 6:30am so I could be ready to set up a pro wrestling ring that I had rented for the shoot that was supposed to be at the studio by 7:30am. I sent a text to check on the ETA of the ring and was told “should be by 8:25,” which was almost an hour after the original time. Things happen and I can get a pro ring up in under an hour. So with the scheduled shoot time being 10am there should be sufficient time to get things up before I wanted to have the cameras rolling.

8:40 rolls around and no ring. I call the ring owner and he says he will see where his crew is at. He texts me back and says “they are 4 minutes away.” So it’s looking like the ring will be there by 9am. Nope. I call the driver of the ring truck and he says he’s in town. Anyway, the ring finally shows up at 9:30am (2 hours late and 30 minutes before the action is set to start). Luckily, there was a great crew of wrestlers/models that busted their asses helping set the ring up…Ace Owens, Elite Eliot, Nathan FX, Kayden Alexander and a couple crew guys (Mr. E & Tim Stickleman). With their help the ring was up only 15 minutes late and we were rock-n-rolling by 11am. We finished the shoot an hour later than I had planned (at 7pm) and were done and heading to dinner by 7:30pm.

21 matches were filmed yesterday, including a few oil wrestling matches and some high-action pro matches. I even got in the ring to compete against Nick Justice & Ace Owens. I’ll be releasing that real soon. I’d say within 2 or 3 weeks…and I say it’s a must-see.

I’m at home today washing 3 or 4 loads of speedos, so I can pack them up for my trip North tomorrow for the June 25th shoot near Boston.

Lon DuMont
Cam Zagucci
Jobe Zander
Zach Reno
Tristan Baldwin
Austin Tyler
Austin Tyler’s friend
New Guy from Adonis Lounge

I may also add Brad Barnes, Ty Alexander, Drake Marcos and/or some others. Let me know what you think or want to see.

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