Lazy Sunday

I’m just lying here watching some football and pondering some wrestling/site related things.

The shoot last weekend was chaotic and stressful. It just didn’t flow as well as the other shoots. I hired a former WWE wrestler to teach some wrestling holds to the crew. It seemed like a great idea, as I’d be able to focus on finishing touches on the wrestling ring and other “set.” After two hours of pro training, which really isn’t much at all, we started filming matches, but one guy short. Scrappy had overslept and missed his flight. Having someone with the skills of Scrappy would’ve eased the load for the other guys and I would’ve been able to introduce a couple rookies more efficiently to the wrestling world. Oh well.

Luckily, a couple buddies were helping me at the shoot and were able to direct/coach some of the wrestlers throughout the day. And, although, the shoot produced some very good matches, it left me wondering how I could improve in my role as KING CAMERON.

Definitely a learning experience for myself.

I have another smaller, more compact shoot coming up on February 7th in Tampa. I have 4 wrestlers and am mostly focusing on custom video requests and a couple ideas stewing in the back of my mind.

Dashing Dustin
Christian Thorn (aka Clayton)
Brute Baynard (Returning after a 2 year absence)
Joey Nux (aka Joey Justice)
Austin Cooper (aka Frey)

I have access to other local wrestlers, but I’d like to keep the shoot small for experimental sake. Usually I have 6-8 wrestlers at each shoot. If you’ve got some ideas for matches or would like to send in your custom video script then shoot me an email, and we will chat about it.

I’ve postponed my February 22nd shoot in NYC due to the main guy changing his mind about joining the underground world. Yes, the former WWE Superstar has changed his mind. Dang! It would’ve been a MASTERPIECE for Wrestler4Hire.

Piecing together a couple shoots for March & April. Looking to do a small, Twink style shoot  and bring back some studs like Chet Chastain, Jax Brewer, Cali Boy and Tristan Baldwin/Aryx Quinn. If you have any suggestions or requests, you know where to email…

Hope you’ve been enjoying the new wrestling matches and all the fresh faces so far in 2018. Keep giving me feedback and I’ll do my best to take over the top spot in the underground wrestling world by the end of this year.

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