It’s May!

It has been a couple weeks since my last update. Things have been very productive and busy. The shoot in Indiana went way better than expected and I think you’ll agree when you see the matches over the next couple months. You may have already caught a sneak peek on the Facebook page.

Here are some fresh faces from that shoot…

Thanks for your patience with my lack of e-mail responsiveness. Had tunnel-vision on completing things with the website. I shall be tackling the e-mails that weren’t time sensitive tomorrow.

I’m scheduling a shoot right now for May 20th featuring the following wrestlers:
-Brad Barnes
-Matty O’Boy
-Zacky Darlin
-Blake Starr
-Marco Thunder
-Jax Brewer

and a couple others. Definitely open for suggestions if there is someone specific you wish to see.

The shoot after that will be Mid-June. Should be a nice line-up for June and I’m looking forward to being able to announce those names soon.

A couple of my wrestlers are traveling soon….

May 11-14: Los Angeles
May: London (UK)


May 3-5: Chicago
Mid-May:  Boston

Mid-May/Early June: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas/Austin & Arizona
Late June: NYC & Boston
Early July: London (UK)
July: Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland

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