How time flies

I thought I did a blog entry a couple weeks ago. Imagine my surprise when I logged in and realized it has been a month since my last post. Now don’t think that I’ve been lazy. I almost feel a little behind right now, even though I’ve been working almost everyday. Apparently, doing two shoots on back-to-back weekends and driving North to South on I-95 then back again wasn’t the easiest task.

The shoot went in New Hampshire went well. I had worried about the possibility of rain on the day of, which would have ruined my ideas for filming outside during the summer. At first, it was actually too hot to film outside…at least on the black vinyl canvassed wrestling ring. Every time your body touched the mat you’d instantly feel the heat. As a group we decided to film in the basement and on some smaller wrestling mats in the shade at my buddy’s place until the ring was useable. I think all three scenes (the basement, the ring and the mats background by the New England woods) made for great visuals. Definitely gave me some ideas about finding other potential locations to film wrestling matches. Open to suggestions, for sure.

The night before the shoot, a few guys and I attended Ring of Honor in Massachusetts to visit some friends and have a fun, low-key night of entertainment. Got a great hook-up on some ringside seats and it’s possible if you tune into ROH TV that you may see me high-fiving some of my friends on their way to the ring. The crowd wasn’t nearly as big as I expected, which made me want to get back into promoting pro wrestling events. I was pretty good at arranging a good range of talent to perform and convincing a fair amount of fans to attend.

I recently did some traveling to the Southwest with some business friends. Had a great time and saw some incredible sights. What a beautiful part of the country.

Postponed my Euro-Trip for a couple weeks. Seems to be happening often with this travel itinerary. No worries. Things will work out. Looking like this is the schedule: London (Aug 10-15), Spain (Aug 16-18), Southern France (Aug 19-21), Switzerland (Aug 22),  Rome ( Aug 23-25), Venice (Aug 26-28)

Open to matches along the way, advice on what to see, potential tour guides and other stuff, so If you are in that travel path, please, hit me up and let’s chat.

What’s on my plate this week: Well, I’ve edited 37 or 38 videos and have finally converted them all. Halfway through the photos from both shoots, so about 2500+. Must start on movie trailers for this videos, follow-up on (the never-ending) e-mails then do write-ups/descriptions on the matches.

Have been liking the website videos more and more. Glad to see things heading in the right direction as far as improvements. Matty O’Boy & Zacky Darlin have been fantastic additions and solid guys all-around. Cal Bennett has been great in his return to wrestling. Glad he happened to be flying back into the country when I texted him that day. Talk about fate. Lots of good additions to the site and roster. I think 2017 will finish up surpassing what’s come to this point, which has me excited to see how great 2018 will be for the site.

Think that is everything  I had  (or wanted to) say. Hope you are enjoying your summer wherever you happen to be today. I’m off to work on a few things before bed. Only one am here, so I’ll be up for another 2 or 3 hours getting shit done

Oh yeah, I know what I wanted to mentioned…thanks to you, I surpassed BG East in Facebook “likes” and followers. Pretty stoked about that. Hoping to keep growing and improving. Thanks for your help and feedback…and most of all for your support. I’ve been very lucky. So thank you dearly.

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