“Hey! That’s Cameron from Wrestler4Hire!”

Hey! I’m just getting back from my road trip to New Orleans. What a blast? Mardi Gras was wild. I cannot believe I waited so long to check it out for myself. Definitely gotta go again next year. I think one of the coolest parts of the whole experience was being recognized in public.

“Hey! That’s Cameron from Wrestler4Hire!” being shouted down Bourbon Street is certainly a memory I’ll have for awhile.

Actually it was the second time in a couple weeks that happened. I was out with some friends in Tampa and I met another fan. Caught me by surprise, especially since I had a couple adult drinks in me. Glad I made the move back south!

I caught a little bit of a cold on my trip. Lack of sleep, lack of proper eating, drinking too much and kissing strangers is never a good combo for my immune system, but I think I’m over the worst of it.

Been working on setting up two shoots this month. One for March 11th and one for March 31st. Here is a list of the studs that will be a the shoots so far. Things may change and a few others may show up last minute.

March 11th:
Nick Sparx
Jayden Mayne
Josh (New Guy)
Ryan (New Guy)
Matt (New Guy) – Met him out in Tampa one night with some friends. I think he will be a great addition and help get me some more twinks to the site. What do you think?

March 31st:

Tyler Royce
Chase LaChance
Marco Thunder
Jobe Zander
Hugh Hunter
Ronnie Pearl

and you never know who else may show up.

If you have any custom fantasies and video requests, shoot me an email info@wrestler4hire.com and I’ll do my best to accommodate. I plan to be very busy with these shoots, so send me your ideas and requests in advance, please.

Other News:

I’ve been doing a lot of video editing, graphic design and social media work for the site. It’s kept me fairly busy. After I do this blog, I’m writing a Newsletter, which you should sign-up for.

I have a few emails to handle later on, too. I expect to be busy up until next weekend’s shoot in Tampa then I may take a few day off to visit family and friends in the north. Let me know if you want to meet up while I’m around the area. Probably Boston/Providence and north. I’ll post a travel schedule in the newsletter….so please sign-up

I think that is all for now. I’ll do my best to hold off from getting too sick, so I can keep the steamy action coming to you.

Bye for now


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