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What a busy few weeks! I’ve been getting a lot accomplished though.

Had a fun shoot on Wednesday for Hero Hunks & Wrestler4Hire. Probably the hottest line-up that I have EVER had at one shoot: Chace LaChance, Scrappy, Branden Charron, Blake Starr, Ricky Vegas, Gabe Steele, Christian Thorn, Joey Nux and a sadistic heel in the form of Nick Justice. Everyone seemed to have a good time and loved seeing each other. It’s funny how wrestling is. I mean, you don’t see each other every day or even weekly but when you meet up months or even years later you pick up where you left off.


We started off bright and early shooting Hero Hunks matches before heading over to a pro ring that I know of to shoot some Wrestler4Hire ring matches. It was almost the perfect day to be outside and we almost decided to pack things up so we could hit the beach instead.

Braden, Christian and myself stayed over at a hotel near the shoot location in Tampa. Braden introduced us to this ridiculously good donut. Bodybuilders always know the best junk foods.

I also went home for the weekend for my grandma’s birthday. That was a great celebration and a lot of my wrestler friends sent her bday wishes, even a few showed up. She’s a wildcat!

The last few days I’ve been just relaxing at home by myself. It’s the near perfect weekend, with WrestleMania happening and all the other events. I spent Friday watching the NXT Take Over show. I thought that was great and enjoyed nearly the whole event. I think I like that it’s a little bit more grown-up and high action. On Saturday, I caught Ring of Honor’s big event. Was cool seeing some guys that I grow up wrestling take part of the huge milestone at Madison Square Garden.

I always find it surreal that guys on WWE, Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor and NJPW are people that I know. I was scrolling Facebook and saw that 3 Wrestler4Hire guys were on WWE Raw as Security Guards. A few others that I knew from the indy scene were there, too. I’m not sure there isn’t a week of TV that goes by that someone on the production hasn’t appeared on a Wrestler4Hire video. Even today, I saw that Tony Nese (Maverick) won the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

Hell, I was recalling how the Honky Tonk Man was encouraging me to do underground wrestling (“like Scotty Mac does” referring to Cyberfights) when I was still in high school. Now look at him, WWE Hall of Fame Inductee. Kudos to him. I guess I owe him a “thank you” for directing me on the course. I’ll have to bump into to let him know how his words sent me on this path and how I, too, have climbed to the mountain top and placed myself in Hall of Fame contention within this underground world.

I’d share some other names of former W4H Superstars with you, but it is best if I leave their pro names out of it…but I think you know who they are

What’d you think of WrestleMania? I enjoyed Shane McMahon vs. The Miz and Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar the most. Was great seeing fellow New Englander Kofi Kingston win the big one tonight.

Still waiting to get another batch of Wrestler4Hire t-shirts made up. If I owe you one, I’ll get it to you. Unbelievable that they went that fast. Thank you for being so supportive.

Will be doing another photo shoot with all my wrestling costumes, boots and what-nots. So much and a lot of it is older so it goes unused these days. Keep an eye out for that. Currently doing a 15% off sale on the Shopify store…CLICK HERE TO SEE
(or here https://wrestler4hire.myshopify.com/collections/all)

Don’t forget to use the code “spring15” at checkout.

I’ve been chatting with my old buddy, Jonny Firestorm lately. I’m glad he’s coming out of his reclusiveness. He’s one of my favorite guys to see and work with in the underground realm…and in the pro realm…and well to hang out with in general. He’s been working on getting his stuff back up and running, which is great if you’re into a more sexual aspect of wrestling. Still working on trying to negotiate with him to do Wrestler4Hire. If you happen to know him then send him an email and pressure him into joining the Dark Side

Got some sad news from Christian Thorn a couple weeks ago regarding John, the owner of NHB-Battle/Movimus. Long story short is John is no longer with us and passed away at his home in Vegas. He was quite a character. Italian chomping on a big ol’ cigar from the NYC area. I used to enjoy going down to NHB-Battle with Paul Hudson/Greg Ramsey and Donnie Braxton to try our skills on the mats. Met some cool folks there and definitely loved being in the Big Apple.

I don’t know if I shared how I received my name at NHB-Battle. I was pretty attached to Cameron Mathews and didn’t know why they wanted to change it, but they did. John had wanted to name someone after his buddy (and the cameraman) Dennis. That’s how I received the Denny part, but then like a bad porno they asked my pet names and the streets I lived on. So there it was Denny Webb.

Denny Webb (me) at NHB-Battle

As I said, John was a character and I enjoyed most of my time hanging with him and my friends in the New York City area. I finally whooped his ass one day. Made him tap more times than I did. That was an ego boost since he was such a good wrestler. He still owes me a trip to Cancun to celebrate myself & Paul’s 21st birthdays. I guess I’m gonna have to take it up with him in the after-life now.

Piecing together another shoot on April 24th with Z-Man and his friends. Will probably bring Ronnie Pearl in for that, too. Looking at Zach Altovito, as well. Any suggestions?

The summer is coming fast. Definitely looking forward to it. Sunshine, BBQs, fishing and frolicking with friends and strangers I am wanting to branch into a second business. Something with Real Estate seems right…or maybe playing the stock market. I used to be good at math, so I think I could handle both of those things. I don’t know. I guess I’m looking for some insight into both, so if you have any knowledge you wish to share then please email me, info@wrestler4hire.com

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