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Recently, I was in conversation with one of my first ever private Pro vs. Joe matches ever. We were reminiscing about the early days - perhaps our Glory Days. I told him he should do a Guest Blog about the memories. I thought it would offer some fun, interesting and unique look into what it's like for a fan (who became a friend) to get into a match with a pro wrestler. I was barely 19 and still wet behind the ears. We've met countless times over the last 15 years from rings and hotels all over New England. Here is his view and honest thoughts.


Ever since I was a kid, I have loved watching the spectacle of pro wrestling. 

The storylines, the wrestlers - everything about it.  Little did I know that someday I would actually step into a ring and give it a try - thanks to a real professional named Cameron Mathews.  
Not only is he a true professional but he is an excellent instructor, a coach and a generous guy.
Throughout our many matches and workout sessions he would take a moment, gently correct you and then say, "let's try it again".   
He's the kind of guy that shares his love of the sport unconditionally.    
Well into my forties, he dispelled a lot of the myths I had about pro wrestling.  He taught me that it was better to go slow, learn the moves, work with your opponent and you both would look better and enjoy the experience even more.   
Teaching me hold after hold he made me appreciate the athleticism that it requires to be a pro wrestler.  The success is in how you sell it !
I just wish I had met him earlier.   He is a true veteran.   
There is another side of this great guy.  He is generous to a fault and never forgot where he came from.   If you follow his blog, he never asked for much in return around the holidays or when his birthday rolled around.  He would ask his fans to donate to those from his hometown that shaped his life as a young up and coming wrestler.  Behind that toothpaste commercial grin of his lies the heart of a very giving human being - and that's no act.
In the end, it was an unforgettable experience.   Afterwards, if you're lucky he'd let you buy dinner and keep the conversation going. Lord how I must have bored him with my many questions about his numerous times in the ring.   
There are some that enjoy going to fantasy camps, whether they be football, baseball, basketball or some other sport.    And yes, there is a fee
to all of this but in the end it is worth it.   No question , I got my money's worth and enjoyed every minute of the time spent with him.
Along the way he acted as a go between, introducing me to his other co-workers.  They too were as nice and generous as he.
I can't thank him enough for fulfilling this "wannabe" wrestler.  I just wish I had met him earlier.  I catch him now and then on youtube as he has matured in his career.  Blessed with that Dick Clark ageless physique and face, I count myself fortunate to know him.  He gives it his all and always always makes his opponents look better than they may be.  But that's the measure of the  man known as Cam Mathews. 
He really is THE CHAMP.


Donnie (Drake) had nips to die for. Do you know how difficult it was not to put a lip lock on them ?

Jonny (Firestorm) was the best at trunk pulling. Gets his opponents tied up in the top and middle ring ropes and you are toast as an opponent. Let the trunk yanking begin. Never know lycra could stretch that much.

Embedded in my memory forever.



 I've been playing with this app - in case you're wondering what Justin Bieber & Myself looks like. May be time for a little Wrestler4Hire Fantasy Comic Book

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