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I've finally been able to find a few moments between shooting matches, editing matches and handling all the other things that go into finalizing a (big) shoot. 

I flew to Tampa for a week recently for what I had planned as 2 days of filming. Before I got on the plane I had planned to add a half a day of filming on the tail end of things. I forgot it was Super Bowl weekend when I had originally set up this big filming and I didn't know that the host city was Tampa. What a surprise it was when I got off the plane and saw all the fans and decorations that were around for this event. Had it been a normal year, I may have tried to buy some super cheap tickets to the game, but with Covid going around, I didn't want to take the the cheapest ticket was around $4000! I definitely don't have that in my budget haha

I spent the first few days in town seeing my doctor for my annual physical and visiting my dentist for a long-awaited cleaning. I may be one of the few folks who actually enjoys going to the dentist. The remaining days leading up to the shoot were spent catching up with some friends and setting up the AirBNB and my wrestling studio for the shoots.

I knew Day #1 I wanted to aim to shoot 12-15 matches of NHB Fights and 12-15 matches of Bro Battle. If things worked out, I'd add a couple Hero Hunks and/or Wrestler4hire bouts...but Day #1 was devoted what we could film in the house and in the garage. 

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Some of the guys who were flying in the day before either because they had a West Coast flight or because we wanted to hang out before things got too hectic. One of my buddies missed his initial flight not realizing boarding time and departure time are different. He also didn't know what a layover was and was pleasantly surprised to find himself in Atlanta for a few hours. I've been flying for so long now, I forget what it's like to be a novice flier. It's definitely an experience when you're rushing to a connecting flight, or find yourself waiting long hours on a layover or the anxiety of standing in the security line knowing you are unlikely to make your boarding flight. 

We decided while we waited for him to get in, we'd shoot a few matches in the garage, living room and bedrooms. 

The next day we hit the ground running and completed nearly 30 matches that day. Not my record but definitely a Top 5 number of matches and I moved that number down the list by shooting 31 matches the next day at my studio. It's more impressive when you add the variety of matches and include that there were loads of Hero Hunks videos which tend to take longer to prepare and film. 

I had a goal of shooting 12-15 Hero Hunks videos and a handful or so of Wrestler4hire matches. We achieved that and more. I, even, got to film a half dozen oil wrestling matches, which I was a HUGE fan of. These guys were soaked in oil and it revealed A LOT!

Super Bowl Sunday was intense as I had a long awaited re-match with Ty Alexander. We had a fun back-and-forth 30 minute plus battle of the butts. I may need to continue this feud especially now that Ty is working on the pro wrestling circuit and has added to his skillset.

In between the shoot, I had a few pro wrestling matches. I did a YouTube taping for a local promotion and ended up being involved in 4 matches...3 in just one day! I was scheduled to take part in another day of pro wrestling antics, but after those 3 matches in one day I desperately needed a day to recover...and to thaw my frozen shower pipes. It was tickling negative temps the entire week and it finally got to my pipes. 

When I got back to town, I had less than a week to prepare for my next 3-way tag team match up. My tag partner got a secret glimpse of the match and said it was a good one and we really started to look like a professional team. It's funny - all these years being a pro wrestler (mostly doing singles matches) and I'm still learning. The tag team scene is a much different than being a singles wrestler for more reasons than just added more bodies and brains to the matches. I think we are on the verge of drawing the right attention and accomplishing some big league dreams. 

We've got a couple gigs coming up in March including a debut at a league we've been looking to get into for decades. This past January marked my 20th year as a pro wrestler, which is impressive because I'm just barely 21 ;) 

I made a note in my phone to rant about these other underground wrestling leagues telling (and in some cases, paying) guys not to wrestle for me. Someone at the shoot told me that so-and-so wanted him to be exclusive to his company so he told him not to show up to the shoot for me even though we had made an agreement and I paid for the flight. That really gets on my nerves. I have never once told anyone to not wrestle for someone. Quite the opposite - I've encouraged the wrestlers to go to the other companies and have even given the other companies and the wrestlers the phone numbers to one another so they could work together.

When I first started doing the underground wrestling matches, I was told that wrestling for Company A or Company B would dilute my fanbase. I didn't see how - and I figured it'd be quite the opposite. The more people who saw me on different web sites or DVDs the more they'd likely seek me out on the other "competitions" site. In my opinion, each company offered a varying type of setting or match. Same as now. Even though we often share talent, each company has a different flavor - AND if you like a specific wrestler you'll likely enjoy seeing him in different settings (and slightly different personality roles). Anyway, I wanted to get that off my chest as it isn't the first time it has happened. I'm a fairly genuine and honest dude and I think we all can have fun doing this, but to go out of your way to tell someone not to wrestle for someone is foolish...especially myself. I'm friendly with most everyone in the scene and (as I stated) I encourage other companies to use guys frequently. 

Deep breath - wooooosahhhhhhh. 

I rarely know a good way to end these without making it seem abrupt. I've got a lot on my plate and I just spent a half hour writing this. I hope you are enjoying everything on the web site and if you've got any feedback please let me know as I am ALWAYS looking to improve things. 

Not sure when my next shoot will be but looking to set up a little one or a couple little ones over March and April, so if you've got any custom video requests, let's chat about them, so we can make them into realities.

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  • Well done!I will always stand by your side. Best wishes from China.

    frozenbody on
  • Fantastic Update. Don’t know where you find the time but you do use that time wisely and put it to good use in your personal and wrestling life. Thank you for shareing all that with us. Can’t believe I have been following you for 20 years now. Don’t remember your being just 1 when you began though. (grin) All the best. Keep it up. Stay safe and well.

    Kirk on
  • I had always known you guys put in long days of filming but amazing 30-31 matches a day. Are you or the other wrestlers not sore and how do you guys not let it get in the way of putting on an amazing show. Thank you

    Steve L on
  • Great update, Cam!
    Totally agree about wrestlers getting as much exposure as possible!

    Madrasman on
  • A great read. I wish all the best to you and the lads.

    rob on

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