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The summer had some highlights recently...or at least some moments that felt like it was summertime.

2 weekends ago, I went skydiving. This was my 3rd time doing so and it was INTENSE. If you've never tried it, I'd recommend giving it a go. It's a weird sensation that isn't easily explained if you haven't done it. Something about falling to the earth at (allegedly) 100+ mph. It's like you could be on the way to your deathbed but the intense feeling makes you almost forget that part because you're in such shock and awe of the moment then the parachute opens an it's a relaxing, gentle flight to the ground...unless you're on harnessed into my instructor.

We were chatting and are from relatively the same area of the state and around the same age, so we knew or with acquainted with similar folks. I'd also let him know I'd done this before. He taught me some tricks to turn left and right during free-fall and let me pilot the parachute a little bit. Apparently he wanted to give me a whirl, because he spun us (mostly me) into a stomach wrenching whirly-woo. I'm surprised I made it to the ground without hurling.

A few days later, I was partaking in the local pro wrestling at the state fair. Anyone who has ever got to experience good ol' rural Americana knows about the local fair rasslin'.

My buddy (Sgt. Stiff) puts on 10 days of good ol' rasslin'. On my first day, I took on a local wrestling student where I played the role of the bad guy (or heel), but the following matches I did I played my standard clean-cut hometown good guy role. I went undefeated as a babyface wrestler. That's the funny thing about rural rasslin' at the fair - the good guys get most the wins.

The crowds weren't large, as they took place at random times in the afternoon, maybe 100 or so fans. Maybe a tad more some days. It was fun! I got to wrestle a few friends that I had wanted to do matches with. Over the next few days, I'll be editing those matches up to put up for you to see. 

I put these Red Heart trunks in the washer and they turned pink, if you're interested in owning some RING-WORN GEAR from The King of Customs, let me know. We can work out a deal.

I've got one more wrestling event coming up that I know of. I had another one in talks but looks like it fell through so I won't be wandering to Massachusetts this weekend coming. Probably best as I want to enjoy the final days of my summer time in Maine before putting on my very own pro wrestling event and fundraiser. It's a FREE event so I expect nearly a 200 person crowd, but I could be wrong. We got a nice donation for the cause from the local bank, so we'll have some nice money to give to the charity. 

A few days later I'm heading out for my trip south back to Tampa.

I'll be setting up some custom shoots in Boston and another in Philly area.

-Jonny Firestorm
-Braden Charron
-Tristan Baldwin aka Aryx Quinn
-Forrest Taylor
-Justin Rage

-Zach Reno
-Ethan Andrews
-Calvin Rogers aka Austin Lynch
-Zach Altovito
-Mark Muscle
-John Wolfboy
-A couple others

I have room at these shoots for a few custom video requests, so if you've got something in mind then shoot me an email,

Just a few of my new wrestling outfits. I've got about a dozen more plus another handful being made. Let me know if any of these interest you or maybe you even want some custom made speedos/trunks. Getting a bit more intricate with the designs slowly but surely.

I'll continue my trek after the Philadelphia shoot, but I'll make a quick stop for a private match near the South New Jersey shore. Some last northeast summer sun rays then it's 1000+ miles to the Sunshine State. I plan to make some stops around DC and Raleigh for a couple matches then depending on plans from there, I will either head towards Charlotte & Atlanta or keep on cruising down I-95 to do a match or 2 in North Carolina/South Carolina. 

This is usually where the road trip gets me antsy. You see, I would be in a car from September 14th until around September 18th or 19th. Now, it will be broken up by a day of filming in Philly then a few hours here and there for a match, but sitting in a tiny car gets a little stale and the aim is to get home to Florida, so I can leap into some work at the wrestling arena that I didn't get to complete before I left. But I have a feeling that when I arrive home to Florida, I will want to do a little relaxing and tidying up around the house. 

Maybe to help entertain me on the ride south, I'll do a live group chat. It's been awhile since I've done that. Last time was on Facebook, but some of y'all don't have that, so I think I've found a chat program that is free and doesn't require registration. Perhaps, I'll do a random test run on it, so keep an eye out on your e-mail inbox for a note from me regarding an hour long chat.

Give me some insight on what days of the week and times of day work best for chatting...COMMENT BELOW

With all that said, here is a simple (hopefully) itinerary for my upcoming month or so...

September 2nd & 3rd - Boston
September 13th and/or 14th - NYC & NJ
September 15th and/or 16th - Philadelphia
September 16th - Washington, DC & Raleigh, North Carolina
September 17th - Raleigh, NC to Columbia, SC
September 18th - Columbia, SC or Savannah, GA to Tampa

As I've said, I have made this trip numerous (countless) times over my lifetime, is there anything I may have missed on these routes? Drop some suggestions in the comments or shoot me an email. 

Also, any wrestlers in or around Columbia, SC wanna film some matches for the site? 

Finally, I have been trying to get Z-Man to do an interview for the blog. Just a simple text-style one, where I send him questions and he fills in the answers. I think those tend to be easier than verbal interviews, or at least until I get comfortable being the interviewer. Anyway, Z-Man is doing well and healed pretty good since his accident. He's back into acting and modeling, but as for the interview and getting back in the ring or on the mat, well, he is trying to stay out of the wrestling limelight so...I guess that's the update on Z-Man. Let's hope he changes his mind on doing the interview. I mean, the dude is an absolute legend and I wanna hear his answers. 

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Twenty Seven Eighteen

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