Don't be cruel

It's been a long time since I've written a blog and it's been on my to-do list for months. However, I've been chaotically busy with the website, pro wrestling, spring cleaning, starting another side business, family and friends, amongst many other tasks. Hell, today I am driving 45 minutes plus to a cardiologist appointment then doing it again tomorrow along with all my other daily tasks.


I try to answer the time sensitive emails as quickly as I can. I am not at my computer 24/7. I'm not even near my cell phone 24/7. It's too much and I need time to devote to other activities and very occasionally my mental well-being. 

Sometimes, I think it this day-and-age we expect immediate responses and solutions. I'm one of those people, too, but I'm a very small operation and it's just not possible. You probably understand that, however, lately I've been receiving too many emails (in reality, like 5) telling me I'm trying to "screw" people over or I've "ripped" them off because there has been an issue with a download. I don't screw anyone over or rip anybody off. If you ask people that know me or have met me then you'd be certain of such. It may take me a few days or an email may slip through the cracks, but I have no interest in taking money from anyone and not supplying a service or a product. 

So, please be a little bit kinder and understanding if you are having a problem and I'll surely help resolve the problem. And if you don't hear from me within a couple days then shoot me a (polite) refresher email so I can see it.

Thank you.


Somebody worth showing a little kindness and respect to 




Cameron, my customer service experiences, and pretty much any interaction with you, have always been timely and excellent. Thanks for your hard work and great product.



People are very sensitive. Expectation adjustments help. That said, one might suggest W4H guys show more humility. The ability to run around in a speedo and flex muscles is not a free pass for unanswered emails or texrs.



You do a ton and I appreciate that you put out such high quality products and have always provided good service to me when I’ve needed it.
You seem like a great person, so don’t let the few negative comments get you down, man!

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