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I’ve been trying to do better at keeping up on my blogs and newsletters. So far, I’ll give myself a B for my success. I’ve definitely been doing better at the newsletters – keeping you updated on my life, in the know regarding new releases and giving out a few coupons and discount codes in the last two weeks. If you haven’t subscribed to the newsletter, click on JOIN MAILING LIST at the top of the screen and add your e-mail. I’m random and throw out secret deals sporadically throughout the year (including 2 just this past week for various users)

The shoot in Tampa on Friday went well. All the guys got along well and I took some feedback on gear. I think I’m heading in the right direction. Just ordered a whole new lot of speedos and swimwear. I’ll be receiving them over the next few weeks, so hopefully by the November 11th shoot in NYC.

Anyway, back to the Tampa shoot. Matty O’Boy and Mr. E came by to help out with the camera work and back rubs. I strongly recommend if you ever run into Mr. E, you convince him to rub your shoulders. It’s great. Just ask Ace Owens or Jonny Firestorm or Chace LaChance or the endless list of guys who’ve been massaged by the masked masseuse. Was great having a dominating heel like Guido Genatto around to destroy all these cocky pretty boy wrestlers and even some muscle heads who haven’t learned that the real alpha-male is Guido.

Ended the night with an oil wrestling Main Event with Scrappy taking on Marco Thunder while all the guys watched. It wasn’t necessarily the most intense match, but what do you expect after a few drinks on a Friday night. It was 20 minutes of two hot bodies sliding around on top of each other until I decided the fun was just starting.

I’ll be heading north this weekend for a couple days. I am in Boston & Providence area October 27th & 28th.

Working on a Superhero shoot Nov 4th in Tampa with Scrappy, Cali Boy, Clayton, Jayden Mayne & Blake Starr. If you have any suggestions or custom requests for those guys, shoot me an email info@wrestler4hire.com 

November 9th through 12th, I will be floating around near NYC. Would like to meet up with a few friends in the city for a wild night out before the shoot on 11/11.

Here is the line-up for NYC:
Zach Altovito
Cal Bennett
Ronnie Pearl
Joe from Adonis Lounge
Nevada (New Guy)
Max Quivers

Potential Wrestlers: Guido Genatto, Zach Reno and/or Lon DuMont

After these shoots, I’ll be heading to Los Angeles and Chicago for two more shoots in December.

That is pretty much it for this update. Join the mailing list. It’s worth it.

Keep the feedback coming. It’s the only way I can become the best wrestling company out there.

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