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I’ve had a productive weekend and even got out to have some fun with some friends. Think I’m finally at a place where I don’t feel like I’m wayyyy behind on the workload AND getting to enjoy life a bit, as well. Getting my summer body ready. One of my recent goals was to get back to the passion and enjoyment that I had for working out. The weight lifting is there, but cardio is still hard to get into. I miss doing the amateur wrestling drills. Those were my favorite forms of cardio.

I’ve been reading a lot (for me) lately. I’ve never really been into reading but over the last 4 years or so that’s changed. Maybe because I spend so much time in front of a screen. I should try playing adult league softball or something.

The matches that I filmed in Boston around Christmas (the ones without audio) are finally up and available for sale. There are 16 in total; 15 from Boston and 1 from Tampa with Rendell & myself, which is more like 2 matches since it’s 41 minutes in total. There are a bunch of pics from the shoot and you can watch the matches by clicking on this link, https://wrestlecameron.wordpress.com/2019/03/08/16-match-special-offer-no-audio/

Here is a list of the matches in that 16 match bundle:

Braden Charron vs. Big Masked Heel – Big vs. Little/Bodybuilder Humiliation (16 minutes)
Braden Charron vs. Elite Eliot – Sleepers (22 minutes)
Braden Charron vs. Garrett Thomas – Ab Attack/Gut Bash (22 minutes)
Braden Charron vs. Guido Genatto – Ball Bash (17 minutes)
Cameron vs. Rendell Zebu – Bearhugs (41 minutes)
Channing Travolta vs. Big Masked Heel – Bearhugs (19 minutes)
Channing Travolta vs. Flash LaCash – Sleepers (17 minutes)
Channing Travolta vs. Garrett Thomas – Squash Match (22 minutes)
Channing Travolta vs. Guido Genatto – Pro Power Moves (19 minutes)
Channing Travolta vs. Max Quivers – Wrestler For Hire (20 minutes)
Elite Eliot vs. Garrett Thomas – Pros Up-Close (23 minutes)
Elite Eliot vs. Guido Genatto & Flash LaCash – Pro Power Moves  (19 minutes)
Elite Eliot vs. Max Quivers – Ball Bash (18 minutes)
Garrett Thomas vs. Flash LaCash – Pros Up-Close (19 minutes)
Garrett Thomas vs. Max Quivers – Wrestler For Hire (19 minutes)
Guido Genatto vs. Garrett Thomas – Ab Attack/Gut Bash (18 minutes)

I had a chance to put all the Jock Tickle videos up on the WrestleCameron WordPress site. They’ll be coming out next weekend for individual purchase. I’ve abandoned the idea of doing a whole website devoted to the tickle genre due to my lack of understanding and time. I’ll continue to make tickle videos here-and-there in a wrestling context on Wrestler4Hire.

Finalizing a Hero Hunks shoot featuring Chace LaChance, Braden Charron, Joey Nux, Blake Starr, Christian Thorn, Jaxton Wheeler, Ricky Vegas & a few others for April 3rd. May do 2 days worth of filming and keep some of the guys in town for some Wrestler4Hire matches as well. Things should be set in stone this week.

Also, will be working on the Los Angeles shoot for May and one for Boston, NYC or Philadelphia for June/July. Still looking to shoot in the midwestern states, too. Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois or Missouri. If you know anyone who’d be good for some matches shoot me an email and I’ll contact them (or have them contact me), info@wrestler4hire.com

Looking at the following for those shoots…Braden Charron, Scrappy, Zach Reno, Zach Altovito, Guido Genatto, Chet Chastain. Please send me any other ideas and suggestions you’d like to see for those ones.

It’s finally getting to my favorite weather in Florida…80s and sunny! I’ll be here for another 3 months or so before heading north for a few weeks. I’m heading over to Orlando for a weekend March 22nd to 24th then I’ll be heading to northern New England for a family birthday party. Isn’t it interesting how families are? The little rivalries amongst brothers/sisters or aunt/uncles or cousins. Hopefully, everything goes well with this birthday party and everyone who should be there shows up with a smile. Anyway,  I’ve got time for a couple matches if you’re in those areas.

Give me some suggestions on where to visit this summer. I’m definitely planning to wander over to Europe for 2 weeks or so. Looking at Germany and Greece. Probably a few days in England…maybe Scotland, again, since I didn’t get the proper experience. Definitely want to check off Oklahoma, Nebraska and the Dakotas, finally. Like I said, I’m open to suggestions.

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