Braden Charron & Austin Cooper Return and more!

Hope you had a great weekend. I had an incredibly productive last few days. Editing 46 NEW videos and sorting through thousands of photos from previous shoots. As well, I have finished scheduling two shoots and have begun to work on another.

Just moved into a new temporary place with a buddy. Trying to stay warm this winter in Florida. Going home for the holidays, so I’ll get a week’s worth of painfully chilly weather in the Northeast.

I finally nailed a date down for Braden Charron to return. After a few months of trying it looks like he will be back in the ring and on the mat at Wrestler4Hire. He’s in tip-top shape following his bodybuilding competition season. Will be great to see my old roomie.

Also, Austin Cooper has agreed to make his return to the line-up on December 12th. He’s always a fun guy to be around and is up for any type of match. I think I’m gonna put him on the mat for some competitive amateur/sub style matches. You already know he’s gonna be geared up to battle in the ring. Too worry

I have a birthday coming up. So there’s that. Cake & Ice Cream shall be had. Maybe I’ll force the wrestlers to honor me at the upcoming shoots. Make them throw their King a party Speedos, ice cream and wrestling is not a bad day at all. I think you can agree.

Regarding the site, I’m debating on increasing the number of releases per month. Also, I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a Netflix style site. It would allow you to have access to 150+ streaming matches each month for less than a single video download. Very similar to Netflix but for wrestling. I guess you’d call it the WWE App with sexier wrestlers. (Man, I wish I could hire John Cena, Randy Orton & Dolph Ziggler to do matches)

What are your thoughts on this?

Already focusing on making 2018 the best yet!
Always looking for feedback that will help grow the site and experience, so don’t be afraid to shoot me an email with your thoughts.

Let me update you on some things…


Los Angeles – December 5th to 8th 
Shooting in North Hollywood on December 6th

Tampa – December 11th to 19th
Shooting in Tampa on December 12th

Boston – December 20th & 21st


December 6th:

May also appear: Jobe Zander & Trenton Ducati

December 12th:

May also appear: Brute Baynard & Max Quivers

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