Wow! It has certainly been a little bit since I have done a blog on this site. Last time that I went to start one of these, I spent an hour trying to figure out my password; including resetting the password without any luck.


Spent a few days visiting the hospital while a family member was having some complications. Things seem to be better now and they have returned home. Definitely not a fun place to be nor a comfortable place to sleep. Upon returning home I have been dealing with another issue, which has taken up most of my time. The problem seems to be under control now. Will be expecting excellent news in two weeks when they follow-up on the issue.

I’m back at the website hot-and-heavy. Editing movie trailers and uploading fresh content from recent shoots. Keep an eye out for over two (2) dozen new wrestling movies…including more aggressive/interesting content.

Spoke with Ron Sexton for over an hour earlier this week. He helped me decide to increase the number of MEMBER video releases. Will be doing at least 3 videos every week with multiple updates per week. The new format will take place starting July. I’m excited about that. My goal has always been to turn this into a subscriber site with everyone happy with the monthly releases they are getting. I’m not there, yet, but with help and input from you, I am on my way to accomplishing that goal. Thanks for all your help and support in making this come true

Just received an email from someone who hired Guido today. They said they enjoyed the session, which is a huge relief as Guido was a tad nervous about venturing out into session matches. Lots of other guys will be inching their way into “For Hire” wrestling gigs.

I’ll be traveling to NYC in a week or two. Only going to be there for a day or two, but would like to meet up for some fun matches. Hit me up if you think you’d be interested.

Purchased my ticket to cross the Atlantic in July. Myself, along with Jonny Firestorm plan to have a blast all-around England and a few other countries. Wrestling, partying and working out. We definitely cause chaos wherever we go…and this looks to be our biggest adventure together. I’m keeping a fairly light schedule of wrestling matches, but would like to set-up a few with some past opponents (you know whom you are, so shoot me an e-mail letting me know you’re still interested) and possibly finding some new opponents that will be fun and friendly.

As you may know, I was burned badly by my past experiences over there. My “manager” and someone whom I thought was a friend stole over $5,000 from me over in England. I have since found out he’s done this to numerous others. Poo-poo to him!

Jonny and I haven’t finalize our itinerary but I expect to be in London, Birmingham & Manchester from July 6th to July 13th then venturing up to Ireland for a few days before heading into continental Europe. Jonny has expressed interest in France, Spain & Germany. I may stick around and make the trek to Norway. It looks like a beautiful place with lots of amazing scenery.

Also, I have discussed spending some time in Italy this summer with a friend. Maybe I could find someone to show me around…and (perhaps) take in a match or two while I am there exploring.

I look forward to making this site better and better before I take off for my European adventure. Please, let me know if there are any bugs with the site and any suggested improvements you may have. As well, let me know if you want to set-up a match while I am on my journeys.

(Still) The Underground Wrestling King

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