ATTENTION: Custom Video Collectors - Upcoming Shoot

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Doing a heavily focused Hero Hunks shoot on November 9th in Tampa. I'll be trying to make a long-form story/movie with heavy action and tons of sexy. Any tips or insight on how to do that would be appreciated.

I'll also have access to a ring and some mats so if you had an idea for a Pro Wrestling fantasy film or an oil wrestling or mat wrestling match. I can even film some basic superhero themes. 

Line Up:
-Tanner Ripley
-Daddy Texas
-Jaxton Wheeler
-Jacob Van Acker
-Blake Starr

I'm hosting a benefit wrestling event tomorrow for the Veterans Homes. Last event did very well donation wise and the crowd was into the whole evening of action. Hoping this one does just as well. May be tougher since the 2 local high schools are playing each other in a Playoff Football game just 2 miles down the road. 

On Saturday, I'll be donating my time to a fellow pro wrestler who had surgery recently. We are raising some money for his medical bills and to help him while out of work. Sometimes the wrestling community is great. 

I'll be taking on someone I've tried to recruit to the custom wrestling scene but haven't been able to convince yet. I'm hoping to change his mind soon. Make sure you hunt down the match on YouTube in the upcoming weeks/months.

Still planning to do that Tristan Baldwin/Aryx Quinn interview, but I need more intriguing questions to ask him. Send some ideas to me, please! 

Who should be the 2nd interview?

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  • How’d this shoot go? Can you tease anything?

    D on
  • Would love to see a gutbash match with Donovan’s abs really put to the test.

    tom on
  • Would love to see a super gut bash on Mars, Tanner or Donevan. Or maybe all 3. Make it a series. :p and I love the mind control series.

    Jason on
  • Would love to see you use Parasite as a villain who ambushes Superman, drains him of his powers (esp with ball and nipplegrabs)… emailed you a hot multi-part idea for that!

    Sanj on
  • Donevan is new wrestler?

    JD on

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