April 2017 – Updates

I’m lying here in a hotel room in St. Louis finally relaxing. I’ve had a productive couple of weeks including three (3) “Pro vs. Joe” sessions yesterday, which included a broken headboard in my hotel room. I’ll be having two (2) more tonight when I get to Chicago…but am definitely up for more if you are around Thursday or late Friday evening. I catch a ride back to Chicago in a few hours, so I figured I’d take a little time to update you on what’s been going on.

The recent shoot on March 31st was a success. Got a good amount of new matches and a few new wrestlers for the site including this guy…

Blake Starr

After the shoot was completed, a few of the wrestlers and the crew went out to a local Applebee’s to stuff our faces with junk food and beer. It was great catching up with Jobe Zander. I haven’t seen him in a few years. I’ve known Jobe for about 10 years now and think highly of him. Always a fun guy to be around…and he’s a machine. He flew in that morning and hit the ground running. I believe he did 6 or 7 matches in a row.

My buddy, Mr. E, offered me a spot on a cruise since his boyfriend couldn’t make it, but it was far from a vacation. I always have something to do regarding the web site. So I spent some time editing videos from the shoot as well as keeping up with other site aspects. Overall, it was a fun experience being on the boat and being able to check out a few new countries…even if they weren’t the real parts of those countries. I think that’ll be my first, last and only cruise as I prefer to explore and wander on land.

I have a shoot this Friday in Indiana with some new guys. Hoping that works out well. It’s proving to be a struggle to make things work ideally, but that’s how life is. I’ll get some of what I wanted then I’ll schedule two or three more shoots to get the remainder of what I sought. Currently looking at a mid-May shoot in Florida followed by two mid-June shoots in NYC/Boston/Florida. So we shall see if things workout.

Also, debating on shooting in the UK when I am there in July and I desperately want to set up something with some Los Angeles and Las Vegas models/wrestlers before too long, but it may have to wait until September.

I must get in the shower now before they physically kick me out of this hotel…but I will leave you with this image.

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