An update, a few good men, upcoming shoots & more

It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to do a blog, especially when I’m still waiting for the hotel in Spain to reimburse me, so I can purchase a new laptop (as you’ll recall mine was stolen). I decided I would ask a friend to borrow their computer to make this blog a reality.

Things have been very productive over the last month. I’ve been wandering around doing private wrestling matches and scouting new talent. A couple fun matches and one, let’s say interesting match. I enjoy doing session wrestling. It’s a fun way to travel and meet people. Far more often than not, I have a great time and meet someone who I stay in touch with.  I’ll save the “interesting” story for last.

Let’s hear about the good stuff.

Well, I’ve been living in a hotel room for the last two weeks and am finally back in my own bed. I had decided to do a shoot out in Los Angeles, as there has been lots of hot, new guys out that way, plus I had to meet with Ron Sexton and a few other business associates for various reasons.


The shoot went well. We filmed over 15 wrestling matches including a Halloween party. It was great to meet Lance Hart & Trenton Ducati. I’ve seen them all over the internet and they were cool guys to meet with. Mr. Ducati was surprised at how much energy went into these matches and gave kudos to all the talent involved as being in fantastic wrestling shape.

Instagram stud, Cali Boy was a hell of an addition to the roster. 6’1″ and 180 pounds. The boy next door good looks and his quick learning of the wrestling scene is gonna lead to him returning many times over the next few months.

Also, Clayton (who was suggested to me by a fan) was amazing. I’ve never seen a stronger looking 145 pound wrestler. His body drenched in sweat and his muscles strained made for an exciting match every time he climbed into the ring.

The site is heading in the right direction. My six hour meeting with Ron Sexton was really more two buddies hanging out. He gave me a scenic tour of his neighborhood…and I suggested we become neighbors Enjoyed a nice dinner at a small cafe near North Hollywood. It’s great getting to know a legend in the wrestling business and hearing his stories. He’s got a lot of knowledge, kindness and stamina.

We discussed some details that I wanted to work out for the site and over the next few weeks we will be implementing them. I expect things to become more user-friendly.

Also, I finally got to go to Adonis Lounge in West Hollywood. Thanks to Matt for the hospitality. We will definitely be working together in the next few weeks to do another West Coast shoot. If you haven’t checked out Adonis Lounge in LA or NYC, I suggest you do. Plenty of studs in there.


October 17th: Ethan Axel Andrews, Alvin James, Charlie Panther & Austin Tyler

October 20th:
Guido Genatto, Cam Zagucci, Ace Owens, Blake Starr, Ryan Zivens, Chase Sinn, Marco Thunder, Scrappy and two new guys.

November 11th: Zach Altovito, Cal Bennett, Ronnie Pearl, Joe from Adonis Lounge, Stone (New Guy from ATL),  Alex Oliver and more

Will be doing something in Chicago area & Los Angeles area in December and January. Keep sending in the wrestling recommendations and custom match requests:

The Story You’ve Been Waiting For….Or Maybe Not:

While out in Los Angeles recently, I met up for a session with someone I had never met, but had seen their name many times on the internet. I show up to the session and meet a good looking guy who is in very good shape.

We chatted a bit, as it custom in any first meeting, and he admitted that he had posted my videos on the internet after he purchased them to help spread awareness of W4H. The videos are copyrighted material and it is illegal to post them like he was doing. I was less than happy when he brazenly admitted to doing so….he said it was my responsibility to “police the internet” for the videos he posted. THEN he told me his real-life job was a lawyer. WOW! I couldn’t believe this guy.

It gets more interesting. This guy reaches up into his cupboard to reveal a brown box. Inside he pulls out a 32 ounce bottle of CHLOROFORM!!!! Now, this makes me nervous. I was hired to do a playful wrestling session and now this guy, whom I don’t know, shows me his secret weapon.

What a wild night?! I got out of there and have been sharing this story with my friends. One, who is a lawyer in Chicago, told me that I could have this guy debarred for him knowingly breaking copyright law. I’m not sure what I’ll do, but it was definitely a unique experience.

After I left there, I needed something more tame, so I walked a few blocks over to another house, where I dressed up as Spider-man and chased my victim around his house. What will my next LA trip bring? Never a dull moment in Hollywood

Hope you enjoyed this update.

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