Almost There

I’ve been keeping busy this week with the site additions. They were ready to go before I expected and that’s made things a bit hectic and made some late nights.

If you haven’t noticed the new updates then let me point them out.

  1. Categories – to the right off the page and on the Wrestlers page is a list of keywords associated with EVERY single video and model on the site. That’s right 400+. I think this will help with finding specific video or models types that you like. I’m sure there will be some additional keywords and I welcome you to send your suggestions.
  2. Size and Design – I had the search bar and social media links made bigger, so it is easier to find the pages and see what you are typing in the search bar. I was having trouble seeing those small items. Also, some useless spacing was adjusted so things aren’t so far apart. I’ll be making additional minor adjustments to spacing on this site in the future.
  3. Testimonials – I enjoyed having the reviews/testimonials available for all to see with honest experiences I’ve had with private session clients, custom video fans and whatever other interactions they’ve had with me. So, I made sure to add them to this site. I will be adding testimonials, so if you’d like to add to the section, send me an email with your experience

There were a few more items done, but that had to do with the back-end of the site that no one sees but the editors and me.


I leave early tomorrow for NYC. No, I still haven’t packed. I like the rush of doing it last minute. Just throwing things in a bag and running out the door.

Got a shoot this weekend with the following guys:

Cal Bennett
Tyler Royce
Zach Altovito
Max Quivers
Guido Genatto
Ronnie Pearl
New Guy, Nevada
and a couple others that I’m currently waiting to hear from

I’ve got some room to shoot some custom videos, so if you’ve got something in your mind you think it perfect for this roster, shoot me an email and we can discuss if it’s possible to get done at this shoot.

I’ll have access to a pro ring and a locker room with mats.


I hopped in on a recent shoot that my buddy did in Tampa. He’s working on a Superhero website and I helped find him some wrestlers that were down to do it. Cali Boy, Clayton, Blake Starr, Scrappy & Jayden Mayne were all there. I grabbed some matches myself. I was very pleased with how they appeared to come out on camera and am anxious to see how they look on a bigger screen.

Filmed some wrestling, tickling and one superhero scene of my own. Here are some pics from Robin (Blake Starr) versus Superman (Scrappy)

Finalizing some editing this weekend, so should have all custom videos ready to go by Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for the patience. This next batch should go a lot faster now that I’ve solved a few issues with the process.

If you are in NYC and wanna meet up…or maybe even come by the shoot on Saturday then shoot me a message and let’s see if it’s possible.

I think that updates everything so far.

Keep the feedback coming!

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