First Shoot for NHB Fights

It was a long two days in the warm Florida sun. I invited 10 of my friends who I thought were most qualified for this endeavor. Some drove in, some flew in.

The goal was to re-create something I had enjoyed during my developing years as an underground wrestler. I recall my very first times on an airplane, perhaps my first. I was on my way to Newark, New Jersey to meet John of NHB-Battle. I had been a fairly successful high school folk style wrestler, placing 2nd in my weight class in my home state.

It was January 2005 and I don't think I was prepared for the skills I was about to face. World-class players, wrestlers, MMA fights, etc...all met up in a rehearsal space in Manhattan. There was a small blue wrestling mat, maybe 12 feet by 12 feet. I got my ass kicked that weekend, but I had a blast.

So when I heard of John's passing away a few months ago, I wondered what would happen to all those grappling videos. I reached out to the owner of the company, but he wasn't sharing a lot of information. The next best thing, would be to create my own NHB-style federation. Surely, I know guys who look the part and have the real wrestling skills.

I contacted my buddies and we set a date to shoot some videos. It was 48 hours fueled by testosterone, sweat and masculinity.

I'm used to filming more choreographed matches for Wrestler4Hire and Hero Hunks. However, you won't believe the egos that came to play on the mats when real skill was tested against one another. More than a few times matches were stopped and friends squared up to each other. There was yelling and threats but at the end of the day every remained friends. The spirit of competition always brings out passion and frustration.

Scrappy got fiery. Wolfboy and Joey Nux almost came to blows. Blake Starr was exhausted and drenched in sweat. I think two calmest guys were Ethan Andrews & Max Ryder. Both had been into this type of competitiveness before and it takes a lot to get them to blow their cool demeanor. Hell, even Nathan FX was losing his laid-back attitude as he was actually struggling to get any sort of victory against the more experienced grapplers.

All-in-all, it was a fun weekend loaded with intensity and aggression. Everyone went home sore, worn out and anxious to improve.

I plan to film more NHB Fights matches while I am in Los Angeles and New York City, as I know there are a truckload of great looking wrestlers in those I want to visit the hallowed grounds of where this NHB desire began.