Nightwatch vs. Dark Stalker

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We join our hero already tied to a chair at the hands of our villain.  Helpless to fight back, Nightwatch is at the whims of Dark Stalker. 
And Dark Stalker has plans for our hero.  He needs Nightwatch to provide him with information so that he can complete his evil plan.  And he intends to use every tool at his disposal to achieve those goals.  Clad in just a black leather speedo, Nightwatch does not know the fate that awaits him.  Dark Stalker begins by simply asking for the information, but when our hero refuses, Dark Stalker cranks it up a notch,
You see, Dark Stalker has ways to make people talk and do what he asks, through mind control.  The avenue to his mind control?  The smoke from his dastardly vaping machine to begin, and as he blows the smoke in Nightwatch's face, forcing the helpless hero to inhale the evil concoction, and after that, any will that Nightwatch had starts to slowly slip away.  Then forced to drink a special drink, any semblance of the man Nightwatch was is now gone, forever under the control of our evil hero.  Dark Stalker forces Nightwatch to not only verbally abuse himself, he forces his own hand down the front of his leather speedo for his amusement.
There is something very entrancing about seeing one person slowly submit to another, and when it is done through nefarious means, it is even hotter.  Will Nightwatch manage to get out of the clutches of Dark Stalker, or is his life as a super hero forever behind him?  I will tell you that one of the pair is left unconscious laid out, all of the money gone, and with no memory of what happened or how they got into that position.  If you enjoy a good old fashioned video of mind control and submission, you don't want to miss this one!
Total running time:  25 minutes, 03 seconds

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Nice theme

wish there were more drinks, smoke, psychedelics and controls.

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