Baron Badcock vs. Red Marvel

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What can a hero do when at the snap of the villain's fingers they are forced to do whatever the villain demands of them?  That is the dilemma that the Red Marvel finds himself in when he goes up against Barpn Badcock.  As we join the hero, he has the villain in his clutches.  Some workouts where Badcock is the barbell follow as Red Marvel is easily dominating the Baron.  Before long though, just as the Red Marvel's confidence is reaching it's peak, Baron flips the script and with a snap of his fingers, any self control and willpower drain out of the Red Marvel as he becomes Baron's unwitting slave!
The pain in the Red Marvel's head is so intense that at one point while clutching his head in his hands he drops to his knees.  Forced to give himself a ball claw Red Marvel delivers the pain at the same time he is experiencing it.  Throughout the entire time, Baron delights in the control he has over his arch-enemy.  Snapping his figures repeatedly to bring Red Marvel into and out of his control, everytime Red Marvel begins to get the upper hand, Baron simply snaps his fingers once again and the tables are once again turned.
If you are a fan of watching a sadistic villain mind control a helpless larger, muscle bound hero, then this video is for you.  The sight of a large sculpture of a man at the total control of another person is a sight to be seen.  You won't be sorry to watch this video....let's hope that Baron Badcock's work only on the Red Marvel and not on the viewers!  
TOTAL RUN-TIME: 23 minutes, 12 seconds

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