Guido Genatto vs. Zach Reno (My Nuts, Bro)

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Watching this made my balls hide inside my belly. Guido is fucking ruthless to the nut sack of the lightweight wrestler. 

It seems Guido knows something that Zach didn’t want him to know. A secret that Zach was hoping Guido wouldn’t find out…that he’s sleeping with Guido’s girl. Guido is a fiery Italian, that I wouldn’t want to wrestle on a normal day, but when he’s pissed off, I can only imagine how much long-term damage would be done. 

Zach finds himself in some of the most painful and torturous ways to to be punished via ball bash. He’s spread eagle in the corner and kicked square in the bean bag. He’s draped over the top rope and bounced furiously up-and-down as he screams. A vicious frontal wedgie. A slam to the mat via slamming Zach by his cock. Countless and endless ways to punish a package by the Sex God, himself. There is even a kendo stick directly to the cock and balls! 

I could tell you all the agonizing ways Zach had his nether regions demolished, but I cannot handle describing the whole ordeal. 

Watching this was painful. Being on the receiving end must have been excruciating. 

Total Run-time: 25 minutes

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