Jonny Firestorm vs. Braden Charron

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There are certain names in the world of underground wrestling that are known as having a certain "status" for their longevity, their ring acumen and their ability to deliver a punishment unlike any other. 
"Firestorm" just happens to be one of those names. 
Facing off against the impressive physique of Braden Charron, Jonny also is not above getting any advantage he can. First forced to strip down to a red glitter thong, Braden realizes it is actually 2 against 1 as Jonny has taken steps to ensure that the ref will call the match "right down the middle". 
What follows is a 20+ minute brutal beatdown of Braden the likes of which the strong man has seldom received.  Getting absolutely no respite from the ref, Braden quickly finds himself on the mat caught in the clutches of Jonny's many and varied holds, and then spends virtually the remainder of the bout being pulled and twisted and clawed and spladled.
Forced to submit from a double rack, Braden's humiliation continues with a DDT, a low blow and a kick to his crotch worthy of the NFL.  With just one more indignity, Braden is put to sleep by the master ring performer and thankfully for him his ordeal is over.  Congratulating the ref for his assistance, Jonny has one more card up his sleeve.  A masterclass in how to be a true heel.
Total running time:  22 minutes, 32 seconds

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