One of the classes I took this Fall was a course on marketing. A specific form of marketing, but probably irrelevant to this post. Loads of great knowledge was gained.

Why is this important?

Well, I’ve been terrible at keeping you informed. The posts and updates are few and far between at this point. There are problems with the Amazon Cloud server that are still going on, even after speaking with the good folks over at Amazon, who assured me they were working on the problem and would have it fixed. That was probably a month ago now.

You’re thinking: why didn’t he just keep calling them?

Well, here’s another thing that’s been going on. About the same time I spoke with Amazon I was working with the bank to get approved for a new Merchant Account, which would be the payment processing for the new website.

You know the new website, right? The one I’ve been talking about for 9 months. It should be done anyway now…at least that’s what I’ve been told for the last 10 days. Speaking with the web developers and the bank over the last few days. Everything is go with the bank. The website is getting final touches and tweaks. I’ll be on the phone with them again in less than an hour…and I hope that is the last phone call about the site.

I’d like to say it’ll be launched this weekend…but I don’t like promising things that I can’t come through on. So let me say this. Someday (fingers crossed) in the extremely near future you will come to CameronWrestler and you’ll say “Wow! Did I go to the wrong website?”

And hopefully you’ll like it.

Let me give you some brief info regarding how it’ll work.

Videos are available for individual purchase. Every video that I’ve shot and made available up to this point, you will be able to watch and enjoy.

The other angle…ewww that makes me sound like a conman. Let me say that differently. The other OPTION (that’s better) will be to become a monthly member where you’ll have access to 12 to 15 to 20 matches over the course of a month long membership. If you’re willing to follow my wacky idea of giving you nearly two handfuls (or maybe two handfuls) of full matches, I think you’ll enjoy the great financial deal. You’ll be paying like $3-$4 per match.

I know some you won’t be into, but let’s say you find 2 or 3 matches that you enjoy every month. That price per video is going to be a far better deal than buying those videos at full price.

I don’t know. It’s a little idea I had and I hope you find it pleasant and beneficial.

Thanks for all your patience.

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