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I’ve been a machine lately. I launched 2 websites in January…Oil Bash & NHB Fights then I closed one down. Well, let me tell you the whole story…

My buddy and I have been throwing ideas at the wall for a year plus now. He liked the old NHB-Battle and thought it’d be cool to start it up again. I have fond memories of NHB-Battle (Read about it HERE) and thought it was being taken down a road away from what it used to be. We also had kicked around the idea of doing some oil wrestling. We’ve played with them in the past and thought they were a fun way to show off the muscled bodies.

Long story short, my buddy isn’t built for these big shoots I like to do with 12 to 20 guys in speedos. It’s just too intense and he wants to focus on doing smaller artsy things. That’s fine. I understand.

So shortly after building up the social media for Oil Bash and doing an under-the-radar sale on the videos before launching it, I received an email from my payment processor saying they wouldn’t except payments any longer for the content. I have a high risk processor for my other sites and it wouldn’t take much to switch over to them, but after a half hour of pondering it in the shower, I thought, “Why not just put this stuff on Wrestler4Hire since my friend isn’t involved anymore?” So upon that thought, I told myself “let’s do it!”

My focus shifted to launching and that one has gone well. I’ve had no issue with the payment processor (yet) and set up a back-up processor, too. I’ve enjoyed the platform for NHBFights so much that I’ve started moving my other 2 sites (Wrestler4Hire & Hero Hunks) to the same platform. I’m working on solving a few issues but expect to have those resolved in the next few weeks at most. It’s SO much easier to use for the customer AND for me. It no longer takes 15 minutes to load one video on the site. Instead it’s only a few minutes and everything is organized neatly on one page. Check it out! Even if you don’t buy anything you’ll LOVE the layout.

I’m piecing together another NHBFights shoot in NYC on February 27th and the roster is pretty sweet. Check it out…

-Chet Chastain
-Sunny Deleon
-Christian Thorn
-John Wolfboy
-Ethan Andrews
-Elite Eliot
-Slade Gorman
and I’m looking to get q couple other guys from the area. Maybe Zach Reno. Maybe PeeWee from Thunders Arena. I expect to film 20 matches in one day right in Manhattan.

I can even film a couple custom videos, as long as you’re cool with them being on a wrestling mat and not in a ring.

After the NYC shoot, I’ll be home for a couple days before going out West. I’ll be in San Francisco for a day as I road trip from Seattle to San Francisco in March and shoot for a 7 to 10 days in Los Angeles. I’ve already began thinking of who of the guys I want for that shoot. Tentatively – Scrappy, Topher DiMaggio, AJ Irons, Tanner Hill, Max Ryder, Dimitri Darkthorn, Danny Del Toro. As well, I’ll be eyeing a few new guys out there.

Send any suggestions to me or if you wanna try to set up a private match with me along my travels. I won’t have much time, but it may work out and it’ll get me out of my car —->

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