Happy Holidays

It is my intention to do more blog posts, but with so much going on I find it hard to keep you up-to-date via this blog…but fear not, I’ve been getting a lot of things ready for 2019.

Celebrated my birthday yesterday with a couple friends. I’ve been exhausted since my shoot Thursday in Orlando, so I’ve been sleeping a lot lately while dealing with a wicked sore throat and just a general feeling of being rundown.  We had a good time during the hours that I was awake though.

I’m a night owl, but I ended up staying up all night Wednesday through the next day well beyond the time the video shoot was finished. 36+ hours straight with no sleep. It was worth it because I found 2 new guys to come to the shoot since I had so many last minute wrestler cancellations.

What is it with guys no showing or cancelling last minute lately? I had this dude Juan show up to a show then leave, only to reschedule for a later shoot date and no show again. This past Thursday I had 3 people cancel. One dude was still in California but didn’t let me know until I text messaged him to see if everything was still good to go for the next day. A second guy showed up to the shoot, chatted a few minutes, asked if he could go to his car for something and never came back nor answered messages/phone calls. Odd.

I had a long and productive shoot on November 26th in Tampa for Wrestler4Hire, W4H Max & Jock Tickle. Got to see my buddy Ethan Andrews after what must be a year or more. I’ll be seeing him again in January for a Hero Hunks & Wrestler4Hire shoot in Tampa. I think my two favorite things about Ethan are his abilities as a versatile wrestler and his ability to nap almost on command. Both are quite impressive…but I’m more enviable of his sleeping prowess.

I’m working on watermarking the photos, but the videos should be ready for the final steps shortly after Christmas. The wrestlers I had were…Mark Muscle, Joey Nux, Jaxton Wheeler, Ethan Andrews, Matty O’Boy, Zacky Darlin, Gabe Steele, Jessie Lee & Chace LaChance.

Between that shoot and my recent shoot last Thursday, I have 5 new wrestlers for the site. Hoping to add another handful in the next month or two. Definitely have received a lot of leads on some hot talents around the world. Going to be filming a lot in the next few months.

Below I’ll let you know the roster for each shoot and some tentative wrestlers, too.

December 27th: Boston

-Chet Chastain (Finally returning!)
-Elite Eliot
-Garrett Thomas (Currently extra ripped)
-Guido Genatto
-Flash LaCash
-Braden Charron
-TJ (Pro Wrestler)
-Channing (Pro Wrestler)
-Max Quivers

I may also see if Cal Bennett and Brad Barnes is interested & available that day.

Mid-January: Tampa
Hero Hunks & W4H Max

-Ethan Andrews
-Chace LaChance
-Cal Bennett
-Jacob Van Acker
-Jaxton Wheeler

Late-January: Los Angeles
Wrestler4Hire & W4H Max

(Tentative Roster)
-Topher DiMaggio
-Jobe Zander
-AJ Irons
-Nathan FX
-Jacob Van Acker
-Aryx Quinn/Tristan Baldwin
-Cali Boy

If you want to discuss a potential custom or a match idea for these upcoming shoots, please email info@wrestler4hire.com

That’s about all the energy I have for now. I’m going to try to relax for a few then answer all the emails from this weekend. Lots of birthday wishes and I want to make sure I properly respond with a thank you to those who have sent a message.

Oh yeah, nearly forgot…losing my memory with this old age…I sent this out in a newsletter, but if you want to send me a birthday or holiday card shoot me an email and I’ll give you an address where you can send that. I hope you’ll consider taking time to read this link and if you feel like you can help then donate to this fundraiser I’m doing during my birthday and holiday season…please and thank you. We’re only $50 short of the goal!



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