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Have you ever wanted to be your own Vince McMahon? or Kid Leopard? Even better yet, Cameron Matthews?

Is there a dream match that just hasn’t happened yet…or perhaps a re-match that you’re dying to see? A traditional match or something a little more wild? Tell me about it. E-mail

I’ll sit down with some friends and pick out our favorite (or even two) then make your fantasy into a reality.

I was discussing with a couple friends some ideas of ways to get more involved with you, the fan and supporter of the site. An idea that was brought up was to hold a Fan Contest for various things. I’ve given out Wrestler4Hire t-shirts. I’ve done the special surprise credits fairy thing where I left random credits in random users accounts. Lately, I encouraged you to vote on Ricky Vegas’ next costume at a shoot that was in progress. We’ve had fans come be referees for videos (and even get involved).

If you aren’t following me on Facebook AND Twitter AND Instagram (both Wrestler4Hire & Hero Hunks), you are gonna miss out on a lot of fun, especially on shoot days. I’ll add those links to the end of this post.

Now those have been neat things to get this site more interactive. Some other things that were suggested that I thought would be fun were:

-Fan becomes a jobber for a day
-Fan directs a video in-person
-Fan Contest for Custom Script
-Fan contest for a Pro vs. Joe wrestling session
-100 Subscribers get 75% off discount

It’s gonna get fun and exciting in 2019.

I’ll be doing some live feeds and interaction on the social media pages during my April 24th shoot between 3pm and 7pm (East Coast USA time)

Current Roster:
Zach Altovito
Ronnie Pearl
Jacob Van Acker
Seth Jackson
Slade Gorman

I have 4 new guys scheduled to be there as well, but with my luck lately I want to stack it just in case they no show. Actually I’m not even counting on them being there. If they show it’ll be great, but I don’t want it to throw the shoot off-course if they flake. May try to bring Matty O’Boy or Zach Reno or Austin Cooper…thoughts on that idea?


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