Busy boy - pro wrestling, travel schedule and loads of pics

Got some upcoming travels coming up. Been taking a lot more independent wrestling bookings locally here in Florida. Now I head up to New England for a few weeks, perhaps months, to enjoy a less brutal summer. Currently it's nearly 85-90 degrees here everyday, however, up north it's been around 60-70 day time temp. Summers in Maine are much cooler and I'll be doing a bunch of wrestling if things go as planned.

My current schedule is like this - big time opportunity that you may have read about in my email this weekend. After that, I plan on doing a couple matches for the web site on Sunday before beginning my trek north in the evening. The aim is to spend Sunday night in South Carolina before heading to the Tri-State area of the northeast on Monday. I've got a wrestling match just outside Philly on Tuesday, so I'll spend most of the day Tuesday hanging around New Jersey and/or Philadelphia before heading to that event in the early evening. I may take on a private opponent in the Philly/NYC area Tuesday during the day or Wednesday. The goal is to be in Maine by Wednesday evening. 

Originally, I debated trying to do an event May 19th in New England but my private match in Boston fell through on the 18th, so I figured it's probably best to get in a day early to rest and workout before my wrestling match on May 21st. 

I haven't heard back on May 28th but I may do an event that day, which would mean I wrestled every weekend in May. 

Has anybody seen my new wrestling gear? If not, you're missing it. May be the best stuff I've worn to-date.

After that run, I'll be doing a fun, pro wrestling shoot (maybe some superhero street fights) in one of my favorite locations just outside of Boston. On June 3rd, I have a handful of guys coming in but I think you've noticed I like doing big shoots.

Oh, did I mention how the last shoots went? Man, I suck at following up on those things. We did a BUNCH of custom requests and they all get raving reviews and I think most are planning their next video (and one even has received a 2nd video since our initial shoot over the last 2 weeks). That's right. I've shot the last 2 Sundays with some fresh faces. It's been hot as fuck, so we've been filming inside and outside with some baby oil and lots of water. I'll be releasing some behind the scenes stuff of that soon. For now, here are some pics...

Ok, back to June 3rd. I'll be bringing in some of my pro buddies and my old roommate. Yup, Braden Charron will be in the house! We just shot some stuff before I came down to Florida for the summer. It was surprisingly chilly on that October day, but we had fun and got some GREAT matches including the dirty, cheating ref.

The line-up for June 3rd in Boston will be small, but mighty.

-Calvin Rogers
-Garrett Thomas
-Braden Charron


Garrett Thomas

Braden Charron

Calvin Rogers


I may tag on some others like Justin Rage or Max Quivers or Flash LaCash or maybe Max Ryder. Surely we could sneak Jonny Firestorm in there if we had some custom requests for him. If you want any custom videos from this shoot, send me an e-mail and we can discuss. I always like making fantasies into realities whenever I can in this regard.

I'm also working on a couple other rookie pro wrestlers, but they seem shy these days. Anyone got some leads on some fresh talent that wants to get in the ring? You must know (or at least have a recommendation) of someone who'd be great in the underground scene @ W4H. Leave me a comment below or send me an email.

Finally, I'm slowly piecing a shoot together in NYC with some new models and some favorites of the past including Chet Chastain and Tristan Baldwin. I'll keep you up-to-date on that.

Lastly, I was hoping to do a poll of the MOST UNDERRATED matches on the site. I am certain that there are some great ones that were overlooked. Sometimes I am amazed at which videos are popular and which ones are barely viewed (ex: Demon Prince vs. Chase Sinn, I thought this was great for all Finn Balor fans, but boy was I wrong). Anyway, let me know below or in an email which matches you think have gone over-looked.

I'm off to finish my workouts for day. Abs don't come as easy as they used to.


John Haynes

John Haynes

You should reach out to a bodybuilder that used to wrestle years back for thunders arena. A guy by the name of Kyle Stevens. He’s big thick and powerful and he’s cocky and to me one of the most believable wrestlers out there. A guy like Braden Charron that makes it look real and believeable. He’s on Facebook and Instagram. I asked him a couple years ago of he would wrestle again and he said if he was asked. He also made a couple wrestling videos with the huge bodybuilder brad hollibaugh who I believed passed away
If you could get Kyle he would be a huge asset to your videos.



Sadly, evidently Andrew Notlemeyer was seriously injured in a car accident while walking last year….




OMG, David! Thank you for “turning me on” to Camren Cochran!!
I found pics from 2014 and 2015 NPC Nationals of him — haven’t found any since yet, but will keep trying!
He’s def more developed and shredded in 2015 (1st place, teen lightweight), but I like the Bieber hair of 2014 (2nd place, teen lightweight)… and when he smiles…
He shouldn’t be more than 26 yo now, so hopefully still looking amazing, if not even more!



Second on Jackson Drake.



New talent suggestions; Jackson Drake, Parker Li, Jayce D’Arby. Perhaps Camren Cochran & Andrew Notlemeyer (both former g4p bodybuilders)?

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